Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This was my eastern backyard on July...

Too much shade here.
Some trees grew taller and taller, but they were not productive.

Then I cut down them on August, and this space looked brighter, more sunshine...
So I can grow so many vegetables here.

The  Kara bean (Phaseolus lunatus) grow so healthy here.

Pandan leaves on the corner, and a little pumpkin seedling on the edge of the poor raised bed.

There are three new pepper (Piper nigrum) vines.

Some climbers looks so thrive.

These are the climbers closer.

The white jasmine is showing me its flower buds.

Another variety of Kara bean.

The Jeruk purut (Citrus hystrix) finally 'green' again with its leaves.

The edible alocasia looks so healthy.

The sirih (Piper betel) is climbing so high and looks so poor in this dry season.

Row of eggplants and celery pots.

A pot of little guava tree is growing better right now.
Actually it  was  tough for me to lose some plants that I loved.
There's always a bright side in each decision...


Lots of things that I have done on my terrace garden this month.
This place is lots of progress.
Lets check it up...

This is the south rack in the early of September.
There were two rows of tomatoes in two different stage.
And the caisin was on the lowest rack.

The caisin was growing so healthy.

This is the rack today...
There are two rows of tomatoes, eggplants and lettuces.

This is the west rack.
A row of green pakcoy on the highest part.
There are lettuce, celery, pakcoy, garlic chives and mints here.

The pakcoy row looks so healthy, so green...

The 'baby' lettuces are still under plastic cups to keep the moist, cause the temperature is so hot and dry.

Amaranths from self sown seedling...

Four pots that full of mints fill the lowest rack.

The north rack...
This was on the early of September 

And this is the rack today...
There are two rows of tomatoes, lettuce and celery.

Some of the tomatoes have already produce green fruits.

I wonder all of the tomatoes safe and I will get a bountiful ripen tomatoes soon.

A row of Grand Rapid lettuce, three days after transplanting.

A row of celery pots on the lowest rack.

The growth's progress is so fascinating.

This is the east side.
And this was the vertical rack about three weeks ago.
The red lettuces were still awesome.

Right now, the vertical rack is still existing here.
There's a spider lily on the top of the rack.
Two red lettuces here and they are in flowering stage to provide seeds for the next season.
There are four pot of mints and three pots of pakcoy.

There is a row of cherry tomatoes behind the vertical rack.

The striped amaranths are growing so happy as volunteers on the tomato pots.

On the center of the garden, there are fig tree and also citrus tree.

The very hot-heat day during the dry season make the plants get drought.
In the midday, almost of the plants are wilted, and become fresh again after watered in the  evening.

Monday, September 28, 2015


This is one of the new raised bed this season on my backyard.
Actually, this space was a part of outdoor kitchen before.
After the kitchen has dismantled, and I have more space for gardening.
I've made a raised bed on the corner of this part.

This was the bed on July, there were some long beans, green onion, mustard and kangkung.

Little red amaranth seedling were growing from self sown seeds.

On the corner of this part was a chayote seedling, but grew so poor.

Actually, this part is a part shady area.
There are three big durian trees on my neighbor's garden that give lots of shade into my garden.
Not just shade, these trees are also give lots of waste, fallen leaves.
And this last two months also lots of fallen flowers...
These materials are so bountiful, and cover my raised bed.
Those make my vegetables grow so poor.
Lots of seedlings have broken crushed by the fallen flowers.
The fallen flowers are rotten quickly, that's really annoying.

Look... this is the raised bed today...

The chayote vine today.

The red amaranths grow so slowly, actually this size is for 4-5 weeks old, but these are more than two months old.

Some slow growing veggies, looks so poor...
I have no idea to treat this part before the flowering season of the durian tree has gone.
Very thick flower layer is covering the soil and the seedling too.
It's not easy to remove that material, always destroying the plants here.
Reader, have you any idea how should I do with this raised bed?
Thank you for sharing the idea...

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Not too much... but so various veggies can provide healthy products for my family.
A bunch of mustard flowers, great to be stir fried.

Green eggplants to be eaten raw with Sambal (ground chili sauce).

Lots of Ranti's (Solanum nigrum) young leaves and shoots for clear soup.

Red hot peppers, green beans and pare/bitter gourds.

Some of bitter gourds have over ripening, so it could be a great seed source.
Lots of edible weeds as a bonus when I did weeding several days ago.

Some yellow cherry tomatoes have ripen, so fresh and tasty.

Lots of Ranti berries (Solanum nigrum), an old fashion fruit.

The last from red bean patch, seeds for the next planting.

Thanks GOD for the bless...