Saturday, September 19, 2015


Here they are my western backyard this week.
This is my washing area...
I put two seedling trays here, I think this is a suitable place, cause the humidity and the sunshine is good enough. 
There's a pot of rosemary, and also a celery pot.

On the edge of the washing area, I put some pots of hot chilies, just two days after they were transplanted.

This is the raised bed that full of plants.
Sweet corn, green pea, yum bean, sword bean, caisin and amaranth.

View from another side...

I have harvested the first red bean patch.
I cleared the patch soon and planted tomatoes here.

The tomato patch is starting the fruiting season.
This is yellow cherry tomato.
A papaya tree that grown for greens.

The new green bean patch, and the background is the old patch.

The additional raised bed is on new look.
There are broccoli, green eggplant, green peas, some rare beans.

And the end of the raised bed, I put a pot of star fruit tree.
The pare vine is growing so well on the wall.

I put some pots of fruit tree above the well.

This is the northern side of the backyard.
The last red bean patch is ready to be harvest.
Green chayote on the corner is growing so slowly.

The compost bin is doing so slowly... too dry...
It's not a productive space. 

Thinking hard to make this part more productive.
Too much shade, and too much fallen leaves and flowers.


  1. Replies
    1. Iya, Kak Mar. Untuk variasi menu hidangan keluarga.

  2. You have a LOT going on in your back garden! So nice to be able to grow all these edible things right outside your door :-)

    1. You' re right, Helene. It's so nice to eat our homegrown food.

  3. waahhh...semuanya kelihatan subur-subur sekali..tahniah endah

  4. It all looks very well looked after, well done.

  5. This area is full of productive vegetables! Hope you harvest a lot of vegetables for your family! ;)