Thursday, September 24, 2015


Three days ago I found my Morning Glory was blooming for the first time.

What a shame we had a very hot heat day, so the blossom was wilted earlier.
I couldn't enjoy the real blossom at that time.

The flower on its full blossom just for a moment, a very short time.

But I saw some flower buds on the vine.

Actually this is the only Morning Glory vine remains.
I have sown six varieties of Morning Glory on the late of July.
All had germinated successfully, but snail ate almost of the seedlings only in a night... 
That's really annoying!

And this morning, the weather is not too hot, so I can enjoy the blossom.
I'm not sure about the name, cause the name tag have disappeared.
I guess it's 'Osaka', but I'm not sure...
It's so beautiful!

What a shame... I couldn't take a picture from the upside.

I have moved this vine from the backyard onto my front yard to keep this vine safe from the snail attack, and also the vine can fill the empty arch on my gate.
So high... 

I hope this survivor will safe and grows so healthy here...


  1. We had a purple morning glory called Grandpa Ott this year. We have to treat it as an annual here.

    1. Oh yes, Sue. I have sown Grand Ott seeds several days ago, and this morning I saw two seedlings that grow so healthy.

  2. We had blue morning glories that you couldn't control! They are a beautiful flower!
    Yours is a lovely pink!

    1. Yes, I grow the blue one. This is the third morning glory that flowering successfully. I love the color and the white splashes on it.