Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This was my eastern backyard on July...

Too much shade here.
Some trees grew taller and taller, but they were not productive.

Then I cut down them on August, and this space looked brighter, more sunshine...
So I can grow so many vegetables here.

The  Kara bean (Phaseolus lunatus) grow so healthy here.

Pandan leaves on the corner, and a little pumpkin seedling on the edge of the poor raised bed.

There are three new pepper (Piper nigrum) vines.

Some climbers looks so thrive.

These are the climbers closer.

The white jasmine is showing me its flower buds.

Another variety of Kara bean.

The Jeruk purut (Citrus hystrix) finally 'green' again with its leaves.

The edible alocasia looks so healthy.

The sirih (Piper betel) is climbing so high and looks so poor in this dry season.

Row of eggplants and celery pots.

A pot of little guava tree is growing better right now.
Actually it  was  tough for me to lose some plants that I loved.
There's always a bright side in each decision...


  1. It looks like it is doing very well now!

    1. yes, Lisa. No pain, no gain. It must be a 'painful' effort to make my garden better.

  2. Now that our gardens are resting for the winter to come. I enjoyed seeing your garden
    and reading how it is doing. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe and healthy. How is the new little baby?

    1. Thank you, Teresa. This dry season is so friendly to my garden. Your garden is resting, and next spring it will wake up with the new energy.
      Oh, my baby is growing so well, so sweet.

  3. wah! sampai dah memanjat tembok yer?...hati-hati, jangan sampai menggangu jiran sebelah pulak.. bukan semua orang suka berkebun dan suka tanaman...

  4. Gardening is here slowly coming to an end outside, In your climate you can go on and on growing things outside, I almost envy you.

    1. Yes, we are lucky, we live in a friendly climate for gardener, so we can gardening all year round

  5. A good garden coming up. Good to see. :)