Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It's so interesting to notice the progress of my cempaka gondok or magnolia.
Here they are the progress...

Two days ago the petal was turning pale green.

And yesterday morning, the outer petals turned creamy and I smell a bit of sweet fruity scent, I was thinking that this flower was starting bloom.

I was so happy...
It was so interesting!

Some petals have fallen on the ground.

When I went home before the mid day, I was so surprised when I saw no petals on the stalk, just pistils and ovary remain.

Then I noticed this plant, and I found wrapped petals have fallen on the ground.

That was so unusual...
The petal opened on the bottom side, not on the up side.

This was the up side...

And this was the bottom side...

Oh please... I couldn't find the real blossom.

I hope, next time I will be lucky.


  1. Szkoda że kwiat tak szybko opadł. Może roślina jest chora, ma mocno uszkodzone liście. Może następnym razem się uda. Cieplutko pozdrawiam.

  2. What a shame. Better luck next time.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, Lisa. Different to your ordinary Magnolia in your country.