Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Lots of things that I have done on my terrace garden this month.
This place is lots of progress.
Lets check it up...

This is the south rack in the early of September.
There were two rows of tomatoes in two different stage.
And the caisin was on the lowest rack.

The caisin was growing so healthy.

This is the rack today...
There are two rows of tomatoes, eggplants and lettuces.

This is the west rack.
A row of green pakcoy on the highest part.
There are lettuce, celery, pakcoy, garlic chives and mints here.

The pakcoy row looks so healthy, so green...

The 'baby' lettuces are still under plastic cups to keep the moist, cause the temperature is so hot and dry.

Amaranths from self sown seedling...

Four pots that full of mints fill the lowest rack.

The north rack...
This was on the early of September 

And this is the rack today...
There are two rows of tomatoes, lettuce and celery.

Some of the tomatoes have already produce green fruits.

I wonder all of the tomatoes safe and I will get a bountiful ripen tomatoes soon.

A row of Grand Rapid lettuce, three days after transplanting.

A row of celery pots on the lowest rack.

The growth's progress is so fascinating.

This is the east side.
And this was the vertical rack about three weeks ago.
The red lettuces were still awesome.

Right now, the vertical rack is still existing here.
There's a spider lily on the top of the rack.
Two red lettuces here and they are in flowering stage to provide seeds for the next season.
There are four pot of mints and three pots of pakcoy.

There is a row of cherry tomatoes behind the vertical rack.

The striped amaranths are growing so happy as volunteers on the tomato pots.

On the center of the garden, there are fig tree and also citrus tree.

The very hot-heat day during the dry season make the plants get drought.
In the midday, almost of the plants are wilted, and become fresh again after watered in the  evening.


  1. It all looks very productive and lush

  2. All your plants are so nicely put in rows and it grows and grows, a feast for the eyes.

  3. Lovely. It won't be long until you're eating home grown tomatoes.

    1. Thank you, Jo. Yes, we really love homegrown tomatoes.

  4. Endah
    in your celery they begin to grow.
    When you recover, we will dig celery from frost.
    Tomatoes have already been broken to not froze.

    1. Yes, Lucia. We have different climate, and also different growing cycle.
      Have a great week.

  5. its really precious to have food from our own garden...happy gardening endah

  6. Endah,

    Banyak sekali pokoknya ya?? Subur sekali!

    1. Iya Honey. Semakin banyak tanaman yang kita tanam, makin bervariasi sayuran yang kita makan

  7. Beautiful Healthy plants...enjoy your garden today!