Monday, September 28, 2015


This is one of the new raised bed this season on my backyard.
Actually, this space was a part of outdoor kitchen before.
After the kitchen has dismantled, and I have more space for gardening.
I've made a raised bed on the corner of this part.

This was the bed on July, there were some long beans, green onion, mustard and kangkung.

Little red amaranth seedling were growing from self sown seeds.

On the corner of this part was a chayote seedling, but grew so poor.

Actually, this part is a part shady area.
There are three big durian trees on my neighbor's garden that give lots of shade into my garden.
Not just shade, these trees are also give lots of waste, fallen leaves.
And this last two months also lots of fallen flowers...
These materials are so bountiful, and cover my raised bed.
Those make my vegetables grow so poor.
Lots of seedlings have broken crushed by the fallen flowers.
The fallen flowers are rotten quickly, that's really annoying.

Look... this is the raised bed today...

The chayote vine today.

The red amaranths grow so slowly, actually this size is for 4-5 weeks old, but these are more than two months old.

Some slow growing veggies, looks so poor...
I have no idea to treat this part before the flowering season of the durian tree has gone.
Very thick flower layer is covering the soil and the seedling too.
It's not easy to remove that material, always destroying the plants here.
Reader, have you any idea how should I do with this raised bed?
Thank you for sharing the idea...


  1. I want to do some raised beds next year with a focus on healing herbs. I have been doing lots of research on it.

    1. I hope you will success with your raised bed next year

  2. Welcome to Endah.
    I see you have a problem.
    I wonder what plants to plant in a shady spot?
    Maybe you plant some herbs?

    1. Thank you for your advice. I think I should try to grow herbs here

  3. Endah, try planting plants that love shades. It will grow well on this part!