Friday, April 10, 2020


Actually this corner is  in our drying area, and even as a neglected area.

A long stalk succulent is still growing so lush.

As I remember I purchased this plant when it still a baby last year.

But now... there are lots of little plants around here.

There are lots of baby plants at the end of the leaves.

And the baby fallen down and grow rapidly.
Please .... don't care about my dirty hand...

So... I have lots of self grown succulent here and there.

Oh God...

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Finally we 'found' our hidden Orchids.
Our tiny orchid patch.

Yes... These orchids were hidden by so many climbers and also bushes.

Several days ago we tidied up our western backyard, and so... We found our Orchids blooming beautifully.

Yes... the orchids are sticking on the wall so well.

Although one of the spike had broken by a rough climber.

No pain no gain...

Thanks God for this beautiful things.

Hoping we always be blessed.

Stay safe and healthy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Actually we got tons of garden scraps, but it seem like nothing different with our back yard, a bit messy.
Our compost bin have already full of garden scraps (the compost bin is on the left corner).

It might the special thing was we could see our beautiful orchid patch.

We could find the beautiful things

The wood raspberry patch was a bit tidy.
There's no thorny leaves on the path way.

And the raised bed under the papaya tree was a bit brighter, cause we cut the papaya shoot to control the growth.

The papaya tree without shoot.
We hope it's work.

We need more time to make our garden tidy and also productive.

The garden guard...

Monday, April 6, 2020


The second day of garden make over, we tidied up the western back yard.

Removed the so many branches, bush and climbers.

Pulled the weed and also old plants that have already not productive.

Fixing the broken wire and many more.

But this area was still messy.

We still have lots of weed, old plant, broken edge raised bed
We need more time to tidy up this area.
Now... The orchids are a bit exposed.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Our eastern backyard actually didn't so productive as well, and it was looked so messy.
It might the raised bed was too wide and also too much shade here.
This area was our recycle garden.
All of the materials here were used materials.

This space was good for our orchid collection.

Plants here mostly lack of sunshine.
and their growth didn't optimal.

Some orchid on the wall have already fallen down in to the ground, when our kitties jumped from the wall.

Finally we reloaded the raised bed, then separated it into two pieces of raised bed.
We used the used brick  and rest of mortar from our house reconstruction.

My husband made the edge from row of bricks.

And I spread the used grey sand on the path way.

A bit cleaner than before.

The kids played with the dirt.
Added soil, fermented rice shell and also wood ash.

Both of digging and mixing... of course mostly playing

Keep planing with the dirt...
They look so happy.

The kiddos sowed corn seeds there.
planting time...

Thursday, April 2, 2020


In the middle of December we purchased a package of succulent from online nursery.
A box of various succulent and cactus.
My son is a succulent lover.

 The succulent 'out of the box'

These were the succulent in the end of March, still in little individual pots. 
Some of them needs to be moved into bigger pots

Finally we move some of them into hanging pots or bigger pots.
Also put them on the new place, in our southern balcony.
The old place was ready for vegetable patch.