Friday, October 30, 2015


After did weeding, I got lots of greens.
There were some edible weeds, pumpkin shoots, green and striped amaranths.
Bonus from the garden.

Pare (Bitter gourd), red and green tomatoes.

Pare, long hot peppers and green globular eggplant.

Ranti (Solanum nigrum), green and red tomatoes.
The red tomatoes and ranti are great for snack.

First harvest from my kara (Phaseolus lunatus) patch.

A bunch of young and tender fern leaves.

Lots of yellow cherry tomatoes become  great healthy snacks.

Young and tender papaya leaves.

All fresh from my tiny garden.
Thanks GOD for the blessing.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


This year, finally I can realize my plan on growing lada or peppers (Piper nigrum) on my own garden.
I was so lucky that I can find both of climbing and dwarf varieties.
I bought three climbing pepper plants on the agro-expo last August.

I have planted them on the eastern backyard, near the wall and I hope they will climb through the wall.

They looks grow so well...

And last week, I bought six dwarf peppers.
And I have planted them on the pots.

I hope, I can pick my own spice next.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Look this fern...
Grow wildly on my eastern backyard.
So fresh...

I have forgotten about this edible fern.

Actually I was not sure about this variety.
But when I was googling, I found an information that this fern was edible.
So, I cut two stalk of young leaves and then cooked.

I think, it was too late to pick this fern.
The leaves have already opened.

I should picked it when the leaves were still curly.

But no problem.
Before I cook fern leaves into so many dishes, I cook the leaves on the boiled water first for about 5 minutes to get better taste and reduce the risk of allergy.
Then rinse on the flowing water, drain and ready to be cooked into so various dishes.

Some traditional Indonesian dishes are made from ferns.
We can find this vegetable is sold on the markets or groceries, especially during the rainy season.
Gift from my garden...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Last week, I got lots of gift from my friend and also neighbors.
Look... I got bountiful unused plastic jars from my friend.
These are great for pots.
He knew that I like gardening and usually reuse old stuffs for gardening.

Another day, I visited my neighbor to know about her fish pond.
And I went home with a bag of cassava roots.
On the way home I met my neighbor that she was weeding her strawberry patch.
So... she shared me some strawberry plants.

The special thing was a rooted cutting of Kelor (Moringa oleifera).
A very interesting plant cause it has lots of benefits for our health.

Thank you friends for your gifts...

Monday, October 26, 2015


This is my western backyard this month...
Seems lots of progresses.
Lets check it up...

This is the washing area...
Some seedling trays still lay here.
We can see the creamy chayote vine become longer and longer...
The red basils grow so healthy, oh... I'm so happy...
The only one rosemary looks so lush, and I've been planning to multiply this herb by cutting.

Some little fruit trees that grown on the pots are covering the top of well.

Some vines are covering the wall.
Bitter gourd, kecipir, and rare beans are growing so thrive.

The tiny corn patch looks so thrive...

This is the northern side...

Self seedling water squashes are so lush...
I have no idea what should I do with these seedlings.
No space anymore for these vines.

I moved the vertical rack to the southern area, and put the A-stake near the L-shape raised bed.

I grow green bean here.

Under the A-stake there are two rows of eggplant pots.

The L-shape raised bed is better now.
Both of red and green amaranth are so thrive.
And the green chayote is growing much better than before.

This one is from the orchid patch...
The Dendrobium Aphyllum is blooming on the wall...

Kecombrang or torch ginger on the corner, near the compost bin is showing me the first flower bud.
Side by side with milkweed, tomato and edible cosmos, all looks so well.

New patch of green bean, have already blooming.

Thanks GOD for this blessing...
Happy gardening friend!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Finally, I have a long cat tail in my own garden.
Yes... the red long cat tail (Acalypha hispida) or here we call it as Ekor Kucing.
An old fashion plant, right now it's so rare.
I've hunted this plant for a long time, and in August on the way home from my neighbor's garden, I found a poor Acalypha plant on a bare land covered by wild bushes.
Then I cut the stem from that plant for about one meter.
After that I cut that stem into three short cuttings.
Actually growing plant from cutting during the dry season have too much risks, especially drought.
So, I removed all of the leaves on that cuttings and planted them on the edge of the washing area.
I hope they will always keep on favorable humidity and also nice sunshine.
I was so lucky that after two weeks, I found new fresh leaves from these cutting.

An two months later...
A little red cat tail is appearing from a leaf axil, it still 2 cm long.
I wish it will be longer and longer...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


My red basils are growing so thrive.

Ten days after transplanted, they looks much bigger and taller.
Looks so healthy...

Totally I have eight red basil this season.
First red basil in my own garden.

But I find leaf miners on some leaves.
I hope it won't disturb my basil.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Looks nothing special with this patch.
This A-stake climbed by kara bean (Phaseolus lunatus) vine.

It seems grow so thrive, we can see this vine on September here.

But when we notice this vine, we can find lots of beans there.
Some bunches of flowers and young beans are hanging on the vine.

The curly beans are here and there.

They are ready to be harvested.

First harvest from this patch.

Crunchy beans to be stir fried  this week.

Readers, what's kind of bean that grown on your garden this season?
Please share...
Happy gardening!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Growing and collecting herbs give me an interesting challenge.
I don't know how many times I have failed, but I try, try and try again...
More than five times I sowed parsley seeds, but I was failed.
No seeds were germinated.
I don't know what's the problem.
Low quality of seeds, or my planting technique was not good enough...
I have no idea...

On the late of August, I sowed a pinch of Moss Curled parsley seeds.
And I'm lucky ...
I'm having lots of parsley seedling right now.

I have no idea what should I do now. 
I think I should move them into individual pots soon.

Reader, do you grow parsley on your own garden?
Please share your experience.
Happy gardening!