Thursday, August 29, 2013


After arrangement competition, I  had some vegetables ready to cooked.
I could cook many kind of dishes from my bouquet.
On Thursday I cooked baby corn and and green pepper stir fry for the breakfast.
Than for the dinner I had carrot and cauliflower soup.

my bouquet



200 gram sliced baby corn
50 gram sliced green pepper
2 table spoon sliced shallot
1 tablespoon sliced garlic
1/2 teaspoon salt 
1/2 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoon cooking oil
50 ml water

  1. Stir fry the shallot and garlic on the hot cooking oil
  2. Add the baby corn and green pepper, continue stir fry for about 2 minutes
  3. Add sugar, salt and water
  4. Cook for about 5 minutes

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday, I went to Serayu Expo just for sight seeing.
This event started on August 28th and will closed on September 1st.
There were job fair, agricultural, machinery, banking, industrial, foods and craft exhibition.
Many craft stands really interested me.
There were bamboo crafts, crockery, ceramics, wood crafts, batik and metal craft.
Here they are...


metal craft : miniature of bicycle

bamboo sofa

miniature of pedicab
miniature of Palace Troops

batik gown

crockery tea set

Batik parcel

Bamboo vase

Bamboo chair and table

Ladies bag : Rope crochet

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Banjarnegara is one of many potential area in fishing, farming and other agrarian sub sector at Central Java, Indonesia.
Yesterday and  today, there were two event base on fishing sector.
There were cooking competition and Spreading little (baby) fishes on the spring of Serayu river.
And today, there are "Parak Iwak"  Party and taking lunch together on the Serayu's river side with fish-dish for the main menu.
Parak Iwak is an ancient procession, that peoples take down to the river and catch fish in a group by their own hand, without tools.
Cooking is one of my favorite activity. 
So I went to the cooking competition... as a visitor,
cause that had the same time with arrangement competition.
There were a lot of dishes. 
There were more than 85 participant in that competition.
So interesting.... awesome....
The five points in that competition were taste, nutritional value, performance, creativity and price. 
The total price had up to 25,000 ID R ( about 2.5 US $).
All ingredient were local products.
I found some unpredictable dishes... fish pudding and fish cake....
So brilliant.... Looked as an ordinary pudding or cake...
So delicious and smells good... 
Really... really appetizing...
I wish I can follow this competition next year...
Here they are....

Hot Spicy Fried Fish

Fish curry

Fried Fish

Fish Soup

Fish Steak

Fish Balls

Fish "Sate"

The Winner : Rendang Gurami

Fish Nugget

Fish Soup

Fish Salad
Traditional Javanese nugget : Perkedel

Monday, August 26, 2013


This morning I followed fruits and vegetables arrangement competition.
We had to use local fruits and vegetables. 
We just had 60 minutes to arrange.
No cutting... no carving... no peeling...
And the value of total ingredients, must be up to  50,000 IDR ( about 5 US$)
I have no experience, no formal course... also... I didn't have enough time to prepare this competition. 
That was my first time follow arrangement competition. 
There were 41 competitors.
Nothing to loose...
That was the best time for me to learning, trying and looking for a new experience.
Most of the ingredient of my arrangement, I took from my own garden.
It's mean low cost... so cheap...
I gave tittle of my arrangement " VEGETABLES BOUQUET" 
I hope next year, I can follow a competition like that, and get a better result. 
I have to learn.... try.... try.... and try....
I wish.....

This is mine...
Look the batik's cloth, that I formed like a tray with two fans on the ends.
 Actually, it's an old traditional cloth, maybe about 50 years old.
It's my mother's cloth.

All of the ingredient are edible.
Not too bad for the amateur....???
My Old fashion Crockery and My Registration's Number  "13"....
So What happen with 13...???

Here they are my competitors...

The winner....

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today, the biggest Banjarnegara event in this month (I think this year) is begin. 
Banjarnegara have a big project named SERAYU FESTIVAL. 


This event still have link to the celebration of Banjarnegara's birthday.
Serayu is the name of main river in Central Java.
It flows across on five regency; Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas and Cilacap.
The spring is on the Dieng Plateau Wonosobo, and it's called Bimalukar Spring.
This river have a big influence for the human being, especially for the peoples that live around this.
So, there are so many way for us to appreciate that blessing.
Serayu Festival is one way for it.
There are so many parties and processions everyday. 
A Really busy week.
There are a lot of supporting events in that festival. 
Wow... you have to check the list below....
  1. Photography competition (August 22nd -September 1st)
  2. Amateur and Professional Boxing Invitation (August 22nd - 24th)
  3. Opening Ceremony and Cultural Parade (August 24th)
  4. Performance of "Sendratari Babad Banjarnegara" (August 24th)
  5. Performance of Culture and "Kethoprak" ( August 24th -31st)
  6. Appreciation of "Keroncong" Music (August 24th 26th)
  7. Golf Tournament (August 25th)
  8. Trail Motor Expedition (August 25th)
  9. Indie Film Presentation (August 26th-30th)
  10. Competition of Sing and Music Composing for Teenager (August 26th-29th)
  11. Fish-dish Cooking Competition(August 26th)
  12. Local Fruit and Vegetables Arrangement Competition (August 26th)
  13. Parade and discussion of " Parak Iwak " Party (August 26th)
  14. Student Art Competition ( August 27th - 29th)
  15. "Parak Iwak " Party (August 27th)
  16. Painting Expo (August 24th-31st)
  17. Serayu Expo (August 28th- September 1st)
  18. Fun Walk (August 29th)
  19. Scientific Seminar (August 29th)
  20. Performance of "Wayang Kulit" ( August 30th)
  21. Youth Camp (August 30th-31st)
  22. Islamic Art Competition (August 30th-31st)
  23. Serayu 10 K (August 31st)
  24. Green Banjarnegara (August 31st)
  25. Banjarnegara Bersholawat (August 31st)
  26. Fun Bike (September 15th)
  27. Closing Ceremony (September 1st)
Lets start the party....

BIMA... the mascot

Vicious Giants...

Lightening girls

Javanese Traditional Troops

Farmer's cow cart

The smiling driver

Over loaded cow cart

A little princes inside

Traditional Rice mill

Traditional Fishermans and fish traps

Folk dance

Formal Uniform

Batik's car

Batik's Fashion Show on the Street

Modification and creative design

High End Fashion

Special dish for blessing 

Specialty drink of Banjarnegara  called "Dawet Ayu"