Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Banjarnegara is one of many potential area in fishing, farming and other agrarian sub sector at Central Java, Indonesia.
Yesterday and  today, there were two event base on fishing sector.
There were cooking competition and Spreading little (baby) fishes on the spring of Serayu river.
And today, there are "Parak Iwak"  Party and taking lunch together on the Serayu's river side with fish-dish for the main menu.
Parak Iwak is an ancient procession, that peoples take down to the river and catch fish in a group by their own hand, without tools.
Cooking is one of my favorite activity. 
So I went to the cooking competition... as a visitor,
cause that had the same time with arrangement competition.
There were a lot of dishes. 
There were more than 85 participant in that competition.
So interesting.... awesome....
The five points in that competition were taste, nutritional value, performance, creativity and price. 
The total price had up to 25,000 ID R ( about 2.5 US $).
All ingredient were local products.
I found some unpredictable dishes... fish pudding and fish cake....
So brilliant.... Looked as an ordinary pudding or cake...
So delicious and smells good... 
Really... really appetizing...
I wish I can follow this competition next year...
Here they are....

Hot Spicy Fried Fish

Fish curry

Fried Fish

Fish Soup

Fish Steak

Fish Balls

Fish "Sate"

The Winner : Rendang Gurami

Fish Nugget

Fish Soup

Fish Salad
Traditional Javanese nugget : Perkedel


  1. Looks yummy ~ your food reminds me of the food we had and saw in China. blessings Teresa

    1. Thank you Teresa. Indonesian dishes are influenced by Chinese. Cause Chinese population in Indonesia are so high. And their culture was already blend with Indonesian native culture, for many centuries. Please enjoy my blog and my adventure. Have a nice day