Sunday, August 4, 2013


After we finished house reconstruction in the last of Okcober 2012, finally... I could make over my carport. 
Lets look up the progress...

Portulaca grandiflora path on center of carport
First path in October- November 2012

 So colorful...

Look the wonderful color...

View from the front side..

Look the vincas row... 
Now, they are really a dense bush
Portulaca is a succulent plant. 
It's growing well in dry, hot and full sun area. 
When rainy season come, portulaca will so poor. 
Sometimes it will die caused by the hard rainfall. 
That happened in my portulaca path. 
So, I should change to another plant, that stronger than portulaca. 
Although, they weren't as beautiful as portulaca.

 New path in December 2012...

 Look the patch right now....

They are really stronger and fast grower

The yellow flowers always come everyday

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