Friday, August 9, 2013


Zinnia (Zinnia anguisfolia syn. Zinnia elegans) is a very popular flowering plant in the world. 
In Indonesia it's called "kembang kertas", means papery flower. 
Zinnias have  colorful and beautiful flower shapes, that  make zinnias be a favorite flower for home garden. 
They are absolutely easy to grow on many kind of soil type. 
The best place for them is dry, fertile, hot and fullsun area. 
These are my old collection.....

Look my old fashion bamboo fence... 
I really like it! Bring me back to the time  when I was a little girl in my hometown.


  1. Endah I love the post, thank you for it. You know so much about flowers and plants. Wow you are amazing lady. Your zinnias are beautiful. I love the bamboo fence. We can grow an hardy type of bamboo here. It is expensive to buy. Thank you so much for the post in my honor..you are so sweet.

    1. Thank you. Blog is a best media for us to share everything each other.