Monday, August 26, 2013


This morning I followed fruits and vegetables arrangement competition.
We had to use local fruits and vegetables. 
We just had 60 minutes to arrange.
No cutting... no carving... no peeling...
And the value of total ingredients, must be up to  50,000 IDR ( about 5 US$)
I have no experience, no formal course... also... I didn't have enough time to prepare this competition. 
That was my first time follow arrangement competition. 
There were 41 competitors.
Nothing to loose...
That was the best time for me to learning, trying and looking for a new experience.
Most of the ingredient of my arrangement, I took from my own garden.
It's mean low cost... so cheap...
I gave tittle of my arrangement " VEGETABLES BOUQUET" 
I hope next year, I can follow a competition like that, and get a better result. 
I have to learn.... try.... try.... and try....
I wish.....

This is mine...
Look the batik's cloth, that I formed like a tray with two fans on the ends.
 Actually, it's an old traditional cloth, maybe about 50 years old.
It's my mother's cloth.

All of the ingredient are edible.
Not too bad for the amateur....???
My Old fashion Crockery and My Registration's Number  "13"....
So What happen with 13...???

Here they are my competitors...

The winner....


  1. Hello Endah, what an amazing competiion. I have never seen such beautiful arrangements (and edible). Your No. 13 looks wonderful, well done. Ann

  2. Thank you, Ann. It was annually competition, that presented every August. Actually "13" is not my lucky number.

  3. Your arrangement looks wonderful. I had no idea such an event existed, but it's a great idea.

  4. Thank you for visiting. Wellcome to my blog

  5. Your blog is very beautiful.
    Thank you for your visit,for my blog. I have not used my PC so much this August.I will come back in September. Enjoy your summer!

  6. Welcome to my blog, Tomoko. Thank you for visiting. Have a nice day.

  7. Wow. Your arrangement is beautiful! I would like to follow your blog but cannot find a 'follow' button anywhere. Or maybe it is written in Indonesian. What is the Indonesian word for follow? Thanks.

    1. Thank you Lanie. Welcome to my blog and enjoy my adventure in tropical home garden and culture. Follow= ikut/ pengikut. Thank you. Have a nice day.

  8. What a fun competition! Your bouquet looked lovely!

    1. Thank you, Khammany. Welcome back to my blog. Have a nice day.

  9. Your Arrangement was beautiful...I love your mothers cloth. It looked like a lot of fun...Have a nice evening.

    1. Thank you, Teresa. Maybe if you became the jury in that competition, I would be the winner... LOL. My mother cloth is a classical batik with "parang" feature. Parang means sword. It's have a philosophy that people who wear this cloth will get more power, authority, influence and prestige. I don't care about the philosophy, cause the cloth is my only one classical batik in my wardrobe...