Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After we celebrated Independence day with some ceremonies, we used to get carnival as an annually tradition.
There were two stage carnivals. First for preschools and kindergarten students, and the second for elementary school students.
Everybody visited city town square down town that we called it "Alun Alun".
Thousands contestants on their artistic costum.
They walked, ride pedicabs, horse carts or open cap cars.
They made up their pedicabs, horse carts and cars into artistic form.
There were drum bands parade.
Everybody looked so happy and enthusiastic.
That was a party for all of Indonesian peoples.
Celebration for all...
Tomorrow we still have a special moment called "Civil Servants Parade".
Once more .....Happy Independence Day...

They used young coconut leaves for the decoration.
I think that was a unique curtain.

There were some fruits for the decoration

Waiting for their action

Javanese Princess

Pinky Princess 

They used balloons, coconut leaves, little flags, colorful papers, foliage and "batik's clothes".

Drum band team in action

My son on his traditional costum "wayang"
Wayang is a Traditional Javanese Opera.

Colorful flag sticks

Look the banana tree, cacao fruits, papayas, paddy grains and cassavas.

Princess of flowers

Miniature of  Traditional Indonesian House
They also used flowers and tropical fruits for decoration.


  1. Hej Endah, What a colorful parade. Also very exciting for the children.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Yes Willy, he is my son on his "wayang" costum. Wayang is a Javanese traditional opera. He looked so shy. Thank you for visiting. See you

  3. Endah that looked like a fun day for the children...Your son was so cute. The children in the parade are very beautiful. Blessing Teresa

    1. Yes, Teresa. A fun day for the children and their parents too. But, I was so dizzy to look for the costume. Extra ordinary costume, that not available in common store. I borrowed from a costume rent house. Thank you.