Sunday, August 4, 2013


During 2012, I had house reconstruction. 
It started on February and finished on Oktober. 
I built raised bed on my backyard after that. 
I reused some old material from my old house. 
The weather was friendly. 
And so the vegetables were growing very well.
There were 6 raised beds.I really love my new raised bed. 
It look wider than before. 
I planted tomatoes, long yard bean, green beans, sweet basil, green amaranth, red amaranth, green mustard, pumpkin, chilli pepper, loofa gourd, bitter gourd, corn, sweet potato, caisin, packcoy, kangkoong, red bean, green onion and eggplant.

I use gravel for the pathway. 
It look better. 
It really  reduce weeds growth. 
And than... plants on my raised bed can grow well. 
The chicken cage stand on the corner.

I plant some fruits in the big pots. 
Such as lemon, starfruit, longan, guava, pome granat and vermilion cherry. 
The rounded base on the corner is composting area.
My lovely garden.... 


  1. Howdy Endah I enjoyed reading this..and seeing all the raise beds.
    I want to do that in my garden next spring. You have a green tumb, meaning you can grow things well. I love the gravel paths.

    1. Hello Teresa, nice to meet you again. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will always enjoy my blog. And I hope next spring you will have friendly weather and better soil. See You