Friday, August 2, 2013


I built vegetable garden on the backyard, but it didn't doing well.
The soil was too heavy. 
But, I still got fairy good yield. 
Thanks God...

My little girl was looking for fresh green beans. Her favorite vegetables...

Simply raised bed

Red beans bed

Green beans, amaranth, kangkoong and cosmos

Bitter gourd and collocasia

Centella asiatica bed


Tricolor chilli pepper

Mini cucumbers

Red bean pods

This is my raised garden

Look.... Really sweet corns.


  1. I enjoyed looking at how you garden! Beautiful pictures! I found your blog through Simply Farmhouse.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I like your blog too. Please enjoy and follow my adventure in tropical gardening. I hope it will be a good friendship. See you...

  2. Hi Endah...your daughter is so pretty... You have a lot of vegetables that we have here in America. But some we do not have. South Ga mama is my family. She is my niece.
    Take care Teresa

    1. Hello Teresa... Nice to meet you again. Thank you. Yes... sometimes I visit her blog. Actually you all give me a lot of new thing, that I don't know and see here. Have a nice day.

  3. Aw you are so sweet, I am glad you enjoy our blogs. We enjoy seeing all the beautiful plants and flowers that you put on your blog. Have a nice day...I hope the weather is good for you today.

    1. I really love friendship, with everybody from everyplace and every country. Diversity is a beauty. Different culture, language, habit and everything makes our life more colorful, more interesting and more beautiful. Today, the weather is so nice. I hope you so...

  4. What a wonderful blog. You are very good to grow so many vegetables and I was fascinated by the red ginger! I love Indonesian food and the use of the spices that produce such a fresh taste. Your roses are stunning. Thank you for your lovely comment and I am happy to follow your blog, Ann.

  5. Thank you for coming by and your lovely comment. I hope will always enjoy my blog
    Thank you