Friday, November 29, 2013


Welcome to my home garden...
This is my green gate.
So green..

My  passion fruits grow so fast.
Maybe you still remember my older post about my passion fruit.

 They climb here and there...

How tall you are?
If your height is more than 160 cm, you have to bow your head.
Or... your head will hit my passion fruits.

Will you head them!

Fruits and flowers are hanging on their vine.
So stunning...

There are some mature fruits on it.
Look the reddish fruits...

I will not pick them...
I will let them fall...
The full mature fruits will fall down into the ground.

Do you still remember with this fruit clusters?
They look reddish now...
Nearly mature...

I can wait to see their full mature fruits fall.
I will collect them on the ground.
Have a wonderful weekend in your green world.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Cloudy and rain...
So cool...
A gray morning...
No bright sunshine ....

I found the shine from my terrace garden.
Look the yellow flowers...
They are brightening my day.

My red lettuce flowers are blooming.
I let five red lettuces grow for their seed.
A cheaper way to get seed for the next planting.

I will get the seed forward.
But right now... I can enjoy the beauty of their flowers.

They make my terrace garden more colorful.
Brighten my cloudy day...
Warms my home...

Little stars on my home garden.
Shine... shine...shine...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Rainy season is the best time for every greens to grow.
So fast...
So fresh...
All grow...
All green...
This is a party time for my greens.

Triwis/ceriwis (cabbage shoots)

Cauliflower shoots

green lettuce

green mustard

cassava leaves

cabbage shoots

cosmos leaves

katu (Saoropus androgenus)

green amaranth

sweet potatoes leaves

pumpkin leaves

som jawa

kara leaves

daun kencur (Kaempferia galanga)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Rainy season...
Wet weather along this week.
It's not a good season for my fruity vegetables.
Fruit flies (Drosophilla melanogaster) destroy my crops.
I found a lot of rotten fruits.
Pare, chilli and  tomatoes... almost rotten, attacked by fruit flies.

My chilli collections

But rainy season is the best time for the greens.
All fresh... all green...
They grow so... fast.

From my front yard, I still found cabbage, green eggplant and kembang telang.

kembang telang

From my raised bed on my back yard I got tomatoes, green beans, green amaranths, kara leaves, papaya leaves, sweet potato leaves, colocasia, leunca, pare, green cabbages,  green chives, som Jawa, 7 varieties of long hot chilli and 5 varieties of little hot chilli.

Pare ( bitter gourd)

som jawa (Talinum paniculatum)

Kara leaves

From my terrace garden I got red amaranth, green chives, green onions, tomatoes, purple eggplants, cabbage and sweet basil.

Red amaranth

green amaranth

From my balcony, I got dewandaru and acid oranges.

I didn't get a lot of thing this week, cause there were so many lots  that unloaded.
Digging my beds.
Replace media for container gardening in my terrace garden
I prepare for the next planting on some lots.
Also started new planting on other lots.
A busy week.

Monday, November 25, 2013


I think everyone love butterflies.
All recognize their beauty.
Fantastic and colorful...
We all know that butterflies have metamorphose in their life cycle.
Butterfly - egg - larva - cocoon... and back to the butterfly again.

How do you think if the caterpillar position on the picture above is substituted by the butterfly?
Everyone who see butterfly will praise its beauty.
What will peoples say if they see its larva?
I think people don't like it.

Butterfly's larva is well known as caterpillar or worm.
Caterpillar is a serious problem in my garden.
I love butterflies.
They are coloring my garden.
But I don't like their other form.
Really damaging.
They damage so many plants in my garden.
This is the most terrible phase in their life cycle. 
Phase that always makes me feel worried.
How about you?

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I get a surprise this week.
My wild unknown orchid is showing me its beautiful flowers.

Actually I don't know what its name.
Bright yellow flowers like a sunshine...


How if I call them Sunshine orchid....
Do you agree...

I plant this orchid about six year ago.
I get this orchid from my relative.
It grew wildly on the jackfruit tree.

I planted this orchid on the crockery pot.
But this plant have never bearing its flower.
It made me desperate.

two days before


Finally I moved this orchid to my bilimbi tree on my front yard.
I put the orchid on the tree trunk.
I let it grow wildly like in the native habitat.

the bulbs
This orchid grow wildly with white dove orchid and wild vanda.
This is a Dendrobium species.
But once again, I don't know its true name.

the leaves

This is the first time....
The orchid is blossom.
I don't know how long this flower bloom

two days before



Finally this orchid show me its beautiful flowers.
So fantastic...



I think this orchid enjoy to live 'with their big family'.
Free ...

Two days before



There are three clusters of flowers.
So beautiful...
I really love it!

What is the best name for this orchid?
Have you an idea?