Friday, November 22, 2013


This is my green fence...
The real green.

This fence was  designed by my husband.
A house with green fence is his dream, ... and mine.
And now, it's come true.

There are three planter boxes.
The width is only 10 cm.

My husband planted bambu air (Equisetum debile) on the boxes.
They grow so fast, low maintenance.

This plant usually grows wildly near the springs or creek.
They really love humid soil.
Partly shady area is the best place for them.


This plant have straight and long stems.
The stem is hollow, such as a pipe.


In Central Java, this plant is called greges otot.
It's well known as a medicine plant that use for treat muscular pain and rheumatism.


Look... I get some bonus!
There are some impatiens and bunga lilin (Celosia argentea) that grow it self on my west planter box.

The orange flowers of impatient are coloring the green fence.
And the red leaves of bunga lilin make this planter more colorful.

Have a green day...
Have a nice weekend


  1. That is a great idea and low maintenance, it will probably thicken up nicely.

    1. It should be thicken up, but several time ago this fence was damaged by my neighbors roosters. That was really annoying.

  2. Beautiful, green fence.
    I really like.

    1. Thank you. This is a simple and cheap way to realize my little green 'world'

  3. I love your green fence of bambu and so beautiful while it is still transparent. Good thing you planted it into boxes because otherwise I think it would be very invasive and take over your garden. The orange flowers of Impatience which came up for free are lovely between the green.

    1. Thank you. Yes, in the wild live, usually this plant is very invasive. Especially on the wet land.

  4. Here we called it bamboo and it is very invasive. I love bamboo and would love to plant it in my yard. But it is very expensive. Maybe one day I can start a small area that I want to contain and let it spread in the contain area. Beautiful green wall. And wow the impatient flower bloom is big. They do not get that large here.

    1. In Indonesia we called bambu air, it means miniature of bamboo plant that live on the water (air). Sometime we can find this plant on the pond in water gardening and landscape.

  5. but it seems to do the job. This Bamboo, separating two properties is so dense, that it would be hard to walk through.wood fence gate