Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Internet connection problem made me blue...
So...I'm too late to upload this post.
Lets continue the 'feel blue' series.

Kembang telang have multiple uses.
The plant is cultivated for various purposes.
In Indonesia, this plant is well known as a medicine plant.
But right now, this plant is also planted as an ornamental on fence rows.
We can find this plant on so many home garden.
There are some plants that grow wildly on the roadsides or pasture.

It is used as a cover crop for plantations.
The plant belongs to legume family.
The roots store nitrogen and this nitrogen enriching property is found much beneficial for plantation crops.
As a cover crop, it is cultivated to increase the soil fertility to enhance yield of the food crops.
This plant good for fertility restoration
The seeds are high in protein and help to increase the fertility of the soil .

new shoot after pruning

Kembang telang loves full sunlight but moderately shade-tolerant.
This plant require little care when cultivated.
Flowers can develop in 4-5 weeks after sowing and continue to flower. 

Flowering can occur throughout the year.
Subsequent flowering events overlapped fruit set. 
This plant absolutely fast growing.
After pruning, the new shoots will appear soon.
It has persisted for 14 years

climbing to the balcony

Kembang telang is a N-fixing legume and can be used as green manure.
Its roots fix nitrogen.  
This plant is also used to improve soil quality.
Increases soil fertility to improve yields of subsequent crops, especially cerealia, when grown as green manure.
It is also useful in revegetation in damaged land, such as on mining area.
This plant moderate tolerance of salinity.
Once established, this plant quickly covers the soil. 

As forage, Kembang telang is consistently high nutritional value.
This plant can be directly harvested by grazing or as cut-and-carry forage and conserved as hay.
Several studies have shown that it is possible to substitute usual hay with kembang telang hay without a visible downturn the livestock production, and at the same time reducing feed costs.

So useful...
Next... we will talk about medicine purpose of Kembang Telang.
Hope you still in 'my blue spirit'...


  1. It sure lives a long time, sounds like an important plant in areas where the land has been abused.

    1. Yes, very important plant. But this plant doesn't like water logging and low temperature. Maybe you can try this plant on the next spring. I'm sure your steers will enjoy the new delicious forage

  2. Sounds like a valuable plant with many uses and pretty too.

    1. Yes, absolutely valuable plant. But so many peoples don't know about its purpose. So they think that kembang telang is usual wild plant or just an ornamental for decorated their garden

  3. Love the intense blue color! Linda

  4. It sounds like such a versatile plant, in addition to being beautiful.

  5. Such a beautiful blue flowers of the kembang telang, never heard of it before. And very useful to the soil, I am afraid it is too cold for this plant here but we use Trifoliums (clover) for improvement of soil.

    1. You have Trifolium and I have kembang telang (Clitoria), I think both of the so useful to increase soil quality. Maybe Trifolium will adaptable in highland tropics, with cool and dry weather.

  6. Great information to know and use. The flower is so very pretty, too. Love that blue color.

    1. Thank you. Don't miss the next part to know more about this plant.