Saturday, November 9, 2013


Should we be doing a violence to reach or get what we want?
Or... Should we threaten others to do what we want?
Maybe I'm too cruel...
Yeah... I'm a cruel gardener.
I have a rambutan tree (Nephelium lappaceum) on my side-back yard.
This tree is six years old, and it's about five meters tall.
When I was buy this little plant, the seller told me that this plant have a high quality and good variety "Rapiah".
He also told me that this is a grafting plant, and so at the second year the plant could be start the fruiting stage.
But what happened with my  rambutan tree...
The plant have never show me the flowers also the fruits.
I have done so many ways to make it blooms, but no progress.
Pruning, fertilizing, water stressing, chopped its bark on the lower main stem, tied rod plant with wire, put some steel spikes on the main stem and many more.
I was desperate...
I threatened this plant, "If this year you are not flowering, I will cut you down!"

Finally, this plant is showing me its flowers also its little fruits.
I'm so glad to see that.
I can't wait to taste the fruits.

Young flower buds

The blossom

Little fruits
Do I really cruel?
Or actually, the plant is already in its maturity stage to set flowers and fruit.
Maybe this plant is not from a grafting plant, but from seed. 
On the optimum condition, Rambutan trees from seed usually start their flowering stage on the six or seven years old after transplanted.
But on the normal condition, first flower will emerge at the eight years old. What do you think about this case?


  1. I feel the same way about my pear and plum trees. Every year, lots of fruit on the apple and cherry trees but no pears or plums. It's a waiting game ... and I may have to get the pruning saw out!

    1. Yeah, I think that a good idea. Maybe I bought seedling that was not fit. Waiting game is very annoying.

  2. I should give the tree another chance. When the taste of this variety Rambutan is good, I should keep the tree, when the taste is not good, cut it down. A long time ago when I was on holidays in Indonesia I have tasted rambutans, and as far as I remember they were delicious.

    1. Great idea! Rambutan is one of my favorite fruit. Rapiah is one of the best Indonesian cultivar. Its taste is so sweet with dry pulp. I hope my rambutan give me the best yield.

  3. You may have sent vibrations all the way to it's roots and it gave in to save it's self, it knew that you were a woman not to be messed with! LOL It may have just been time for it to produce fruit. I have heard of an apple tree not bearing and a steel spike driven into the trunk and it suddenly put on fruit, could be that stress causes a plant to reproduce at times.

    1. So many fruits farmers here usually will give so many varieties of stressing in order to manage fruiting period on their crops. And it's fairy work.

  4. I do not know this plant or its fruit.
    We also scare tree that you cut it when you do not want to bear fruit.
    Tree afraid and results.
    I send greetings.

    1. Yea, I will keep the plant on my garden if its bearing fruits that I want.