Sunday, November 24, 2013


 A busy Sunday.
My compost bin look so full.
I guess the compost is already mature.
I get four pails of fine compost.
There are about two pails of crude compost for my beds.
The compost bin is ready to the new composting season.


  1. How long does it take for compost to be ready as I wonder whether your warmer conditions speeds things up/

    1. To get fine compost, normally we need 3 months. But during the rainy season, we only need 2 months. If we use bacteria as composting starter, we only need a month to get fine compost. I make natural compost without starter. I make a hole on my garden, about 1 meter cubic in volume. Its a traditional method in composting. So many soil organism will decompose all organic materials that we put on it.

  2. I have to put clear plastic on mine to keep the heat and moisture in. I doubt it is doing much at 11 below freezing this morning.

    1. Actually I have to covering my compost bin, but I let the bin open. I think sunshine and rain will make the decomposition process become more natural.