Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This week I got so many vegetables and fruits from my garden.
Maybe that was not too much.
Rain and wind made my vegetables damaged.

Late blight everywhere...
Snails and white flies were damaging crops.
Those are that left in my garden this week.

From my front yard, I got green and purple eggplants, cabbages, cosmos leaves, kembang telang, and the  last of  bilimbi.
The high downpour made the bilimbi clusters were fall.



From my raised garden in my back yard, I got ranti, cabe merah (red hot peppers), cabe rawit, leunca, red amaranths, green amaranths, kara bean, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, lumbu bestak (Colocasia leaves), pare (bitter gourd), green beans, cabbages, tomatoes and  green chives.

pare (bitter gourd)

five varieties of cabe rawit

daun singkong (cassava leaves)

From my terrace garden, I got tomatoes, hot peppers, chives, carrots, red amaranth, red lettuce, green lettuce, purple eggplants, green onions, caisin, green mustard and ranti.

tomatoes and red hot pepper

red lettuce

 From my balcony, I got dewandaru fruits and acid oranges.

dewandaru, acid oranges, leunca, ranti, kembang telang & pare 

That's not good enough enough, but... Thanks  God...
I still get a lot of thing from my garden.
I wish I will have better weather next week.


  1. Wow what beautiful photo's ~ you take wonderful photo's with your phone.
    Good harvest...what a blessing it is.

    1. Thank you. I hope your indoor garden give you better yield.

  2. Lovely colourful harvest - do you eat cosmos leaves?

    1. Yes, In Indonesia especially Java we usually eat Patraseli or suring leaves (Cosmos caudatus). They are so famous vegetables which could reduce body odor and improve body metabolism. There are so many kinds of traditional dishes that made from cosmos leaves.The taste is fresh if its eaten raw. We usually cook it for a moment in the boiled water or steamed. The cooked leaves have a little bitter taste.

  3. It all comes down to weather and work, we can only do the best we can. I like that pretty cabbage, it is such good food.

    1. Yeah, we should do the best that we can. And the yield, it's depend on the nature. This cabbage is one of the remaining healthy cabbages.