Friday, November 1, 2013


Maybe you all still remember with my older post last week about ranti (Solanum nigrum).
Right now you can see another variety of  my Solanum nigrum.
This is leunca ...

We eat the young fruits
The young fruits are usually eaten raw with sambal or stir fried with tempe (Indonesian processed soya).

Shoot and flower buds

a cluster of young fruits

Young fruits
Leunca have so many efficacious contents.

There are solanine, solasonine, solasodine, dan solamargine.

That contents able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
They also well known as natural analgetic, diuretic and antibacteria.

We  use that plant to treat high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, antitoxin, dysentery and reduce cough.

shoot and leaves

Look the differences of  the leaves between leunca (left) and ranti (right)

We only eat the fruits, not the leaves or shoots.

the fruits

Look the differences between leunca and ranti.
Leunca fruits are bigger and harder.
Leunca leaves are more flat and rounded.
Ranti leaves are wavy and rather taper.

Leunca are bigger and harder

We usually eat only the young fruits of leunca, but ranti only eaten if the fruits ripen.

edible stage
leunca (left) and ranti (right)

That's my Solanum nigrum yield for this week.
How about you on this weekend?


  1. Welcome Endah!
    I love your blog.
    I'm so happy because thanks to you, get to know a very interesting plant.
    I wish you have a nice weekend.

  2. They look like green tomatoes - hardly a surprise as they belong to the same family don't they?

    1. Yes tomato is bigger. They are same genus but different species.

  3. Yet another plant that I have never heard of before. No fruit here other than some wild pears that the deer and squirrels are eating. I suspect they could be made into something as they have a tart pear taste but the fruit is hard.

  4. Hello! your blog is very interesting. And informative. We also have Solanum nigrum here in India.The leaves of this plant are believed to act as kidney tonic. There is also another member of the same family (I don't know its species name) where the fruits turn red on ripening.

    1. Hi Shailaja. Welcome toy blog. Yeah I have had ever read about red solanum nigrum. But I have never seen that. Thsnk you for coming