Saturday, November 16, 2013


Today, I will show you my own recipe of old fashion snack.
This is one of my favorite snack.
This snack will always remind me to my childhood.
We call it 'ketan biru'


Ketan means glutinous rice in Bahasa.
And biru means blue.


Kembang telang is well known as natural food coloring.
It's made from steamed glutinous rice.
To get blue color I use fresh kembang telang.
And roasted soya powder as a topping.

 Here they are the ingredients...


To make 'ketan biru' we need :
  • 250 grams glutinous rice
  • 150 ml coconut milk
  • 50 ml blue water
  • 1 tea spoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 3 pcs pandan leaves
Pandan leaves is used to give aroma on this dish.
So many Indonesian food use pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) to increase the food flavor  and as a natural food coloring.


First, we should soak the rice in the cool water for a night.
Then wash the rice on the flowing water and drain it.

To make blue water, we need 10 pcs fresh kembang telang flowers.
If we use dry flowers, we have to use more flowers about 30 - 40 pcs.
Pour the boiling water on the flowers.
Wait for about 10 - 30 minutes and strain it.
If you want darker blue color, you can add the flowers.



Cook the rice, pandan leaves, blue water and coconut milk on the pan in the medium heat, stir well.
Add sugar and salt, then continue to stir well.
If the water is up and the rice is fairy dry, remove from the stove.


Put the rice into the dish or saucepan, then steam it for about 30-45 minutes.
I make white and blue rice, cause my daughter doesn't like blue rice. 
She is prefer to white rice.

If the rice is cooked, put it on the serving dish.
Then sown it with soya powder. 


The special dish is ready to be served...
Please enjoy the dish from far away.

Have a wonderful weekend with the 'blue'


  1. I am assuming that the white nd blue rice taste the same and that the blue is just to make it look attractive. - You certainly get plenty of use form those flowers are they available all year round?

    1. Yes, you all right. Both of them have the same taste. The flowers are available all year round, especially during the rainy season, so plentiful

  2. Replies
    1. Yes and it's make so many people feel so strange, and put an aversion to eat it. They don't know its delicious taste before they eat it.

  3. Like Sue, I assumed that the blue didn't change the taste, but since your daughter doesn't like it, now I'm wondering if the plant does give it some sort of flavor? I've never seen blue rice before - how fun! It looks beautiful with the bloom on the plate.

    1. Actually, there's no difference between blue and white rice, except their color and more benefit for our healthy from the blue one.

  4. It looks very attractive. It's funny how children take a dislike to something, even when the taste is the same as the white rice.

    1. Blue is an unusual color of food in my country, maybe in the world. Maybe blue color is not appetizing

  5. Blue rice looks fantastic.
    All the time I admire the flowers and their color.
    I send greetings to autumn, misty, chilly Polish.

    1. I hope you will try this food someday

    2. In my country, do not grow a beautiful plant with blue flowers.

    3. Oh... I'm so sorry about that. But this dried flowers have been sold online. There are so many online suppliers of proccessed kembang telang. Maybe You can try to contact them

  6. I love the colours of your old fashion snack, it is like magic, so exciting. Blue is in our country a very unusual colour for food, I think I have never seen blue food before, but when I get ever the chance to try this, I will.
    Regards from a gloomy Holland.

    1. I think in my country food that it in blue color are so rare. Peoples always feel so strange with the blue food. Have a nice weekend

  7. This is a fun way of colouring rice! Blue food colouring has been impossible to get up until quite recently, but now it is readily available over here.

    1. Yea, natural food coloring is actually not really much, much less blue. In my country this flower have been used for a long time as a natural food coloring.