Monday, November 25, 2013


I think everyone love butterflies.
All recognize their beauty.
Fantastic and colorful...
We all know that butterflies have metamorphose in their life cycle.
Butterfly - egg - larva - cocoon... and back to the butterfly again.

How do you think if the caterpillar position on the picture above is substituted by the butterfly?
Everyone who see butterfly will praise its beauty.
What will peoples say if they see its larva?
I think people don't like it.

Butterfly's larva is well known as caterpillar or worm.
Caterpillar is a serious problem in my garden.
I love butterflies.
They are coloring my garden.
But I don't like their other form.
Really damaging.
They damage so many plants in my garden.
This is the most terrible phase in their life cycle. 
Phase that always makes me feel worried.
How about you?


  1. My chickens love to eat some of the caterpillars but learned not to mess with the butterflies as many are poison.

    1. Yes, my chickens love to eat caterpillars too, especially caterpillar that eat my brassicas. I give whole cabbage that full of caterpillar, the chicken really enjoy it.

  2. Most of our caterpillars feed on wild plants or weeds Endah and so are welcome. Not so the whites that can destroy brassicas. I have a video of their caterpillars munching a cabbage leaf on my website here http://ossettweather.com/glallotments.co.uk/butterfly.html They are just eating machines.

    1. Thank you for sharing. They are absolutely eating machine, so greedy