Sunday, September 30, 2018


Finally, I can enjoy the beauty of my home grown  sun flower. 


Last year, I got two sun flower plants for free when we purchased roses and chrysantemum. 


These were the mother plants.


They grew well and produced lots of seeds. 


All fresh seeds had sprouted well. 
But white flies and drought destroyed almost of them. 
And they left me a sun flower plant in my raised bed. 


 The sun flower plant in August....

And this was in September...


So beautiful...


Although we only have one plant, but we're really happy. 

Enjoy the beautiful flowers and color. 



Hoping we can harvest the fresh seeds for the next season. 


Thanks GOD. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018


Last month, I purchased two vinca plants on the way home from visiting my father.
As usual we always stop by on the road side nurseries.
And... Here they are blooming beautifully here in my garden and give more tones of color. Thanks GOD 

Sunday, September 23, 2018


How lucky I am...
yeah... I found bountiful self seedlings lettuces in chrysanthemum pot.


After I watering the drought pot on the balcony, several days later I found little seedling popping  up from the soil, I'm not sure the ID.

Then I checked the pot, and I found the ruin of flower cluster, yeah... lettuce flower cluster.
I let them grew up, and transplanted some of them into the ground and pots.
now... we can find beautiful and healthy lettuces on our garden. 


I remember... on the early of this year I sowed some expired lettuce seeds on the chrysanthemum pots, and get two lettuces grew so poor, grew wildly like as weed. 


Let them  bolted then flowering, the stalk were broken by the wind and died caused by the drought.


There was no sign of life there, before I did watering into the soil.

Now we can identifying the variety... 'Butter head Java rose' lettuce.


Beauty from the wasted thing... 


Beautiful volunteer... 

I get so many various stages of this lettuce...


And plating them everywhere... 

Thanks GOD...

Friday, September 21, 2018


Three weeks ago I checked  my compost bin and found that the bin was full and the compost inside was mature enough.

So... I moved the pots on the compost bin  to another compost bin.
Such a shame, I only had limited time to reload the compost.


So... I need more than two week to reload and preparing the fine compost.


Crude compost have moved into the new compost bin, and the fine compost is ready for fertilizing the vegetable and flower patch. 


The composting period was absolutely ideal, so I only got two pail of crude compost.


I got more than 12 bags of fine compost.


Lovely  homegrown compost... 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


This is my red basil, the one and only...

About two months ago I bought some vegetable and herb seeds from online nursery.
I bought a small pack of red basil 'Red Rubin'.
I sowed about five seeds, but only three seeds were sprouted.
From three seedlings, only two have established. 

The seedlings have moved into individual pots.

A seedling is growing so healthy with reddish leaves, and another has spotted red green leaves. 
The spotted leaves is almost similar to my old red basil that grown several years ago, we can check it here.

Hoping all will grow well here... and produce healthy seeds for the next season.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Finding beautiful things here in my tiny back yard...

Actually... I really love flowers, so I want to grow every single flowering plant in my tiny garden.

Zinnia is one of my favorite flower.
So simple...
So cheer...
So beautiful...

On June... I collected some zinnia seeds from several places on the road side.
Then I sowed randomly on the raised bed.

We can check the wildly zinnia seedling here.

On the late of July I transplanted the seedling, and made rows of zinnias.

I'm so lucky, they grow so well here in my garden

It's far from my expectation.

I find more than one color... so various...

Both of single and double petal...

So... nice...

I really love it...

I can't wait to see lots of zinnia blooming, and cheering my tiny back yard.

Thanks GOD...