Friday, July 31, 2015


This raised bed is full of self sown seedlings.
We can find so many vegetables here.
There are four varieties of amaranths, chili pepper, tomato, passion fruit, pigeon pea and also edible weeds.
They grow so lush like weed.

Almost everyday I do thinning the amaranths and then cook it, that's better than wasted I think.
The most interesting is pigeon pea, cause I haven't had pigeon pea seed anymore for the next growing season.

Aha... I'm finding two pigeon pea seedlings here.
Looks so healthy...
I think I should move the seedling on to suitable place, cause they will grow bigger like as little tree.
If I let them grow here, they will take over this patch, I mean they will make shade on this raised bed.

Actually, too much shady area on my garden, and it's not so productive for growing edible plant.
I need lots of open area and optimizing all of open area to make my garden productive.
I have to move them soon, cause if they grow bigger, it will be too much risk on moving plant.
I hope I have time to move them soon...
And they will grow healthy on their new place.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I love to grow eggplant not just for its tasty fruit, but also for its beautiful flowers.

Now, we can find lots of flowers are blooming.

Love to see the beautiful flower with a soft color...

Just enjoy the simply beauty from the raised bed...

A bonus from vegetable patch...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We like fish dishes...
Rich on great nutrients for our body health.

Last Sunday, we made a traditional dish that made from fish.
We call it 'pepes ikan'.

We can made 'pepes' from so many stuff, such as fish, tofu, chicken, or egg.
The basic technique on making 'pepes' is wrapping, then  steaming. 
The additional process is grilling, this process makes the dish more tasty.
Actually, we usually use banana leaves as a wrap.

But I use 'daun kecombrang' or torch ginger leaves as wrap, then tied.
This leaves is more than as wrap, but also reduce bad smell of the fish and also increase the flavor.
The leaves are aromatic.

I use traditional spices such as red onion, garlic, and coriander seeds, then pounded.

I also use tamarind, salt, coconut sugar (brown sugar) and to the get a good taste.
Adding soy sauce will make the taste better.

I put the raw wrapped fish on the pan, than add 1 liter water, after that boil it on the medium heat for about one hour.
Then grill it to get better flavor.
I use non sticky pan to grill the wrapped fish.

And the dish is ready to be served.
As a condiment I use 'sambal kecap' or spicy soy sauce.
I made it from soy sauce, chopped hot chilies and sliced red onion.

A simple dish...
A traditional healthy food.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My southern balcony is becoming so colorful.
Look the Dewandaru or vermillion cherry tree is showing me its colorful fruits right now.

There are so many shade of color Red, deep red, orange, yellowish, pale green, and green.

White from the color of the flower is also enriching the shade of this plant.
Hundreds of flowers hanging on the slim twigs.
So many stages of the fruits are hanging on this little tree.

Actually, this plant can produce fruit all year round with a good maintenance, especially watering. 
This little tree is grown in a pot on my balcony, a place that often overlooked, and so... the plants too...

Yea... I think this plant is starting its peak of fruiting season, cause the both of the buds and the flowers are so bountiful, more than usual.
I hope there's no fallen flowers and bugs, so I could pick lots of fruits everyday. 

Monday, July 27, 2015


This is a lovely patch to be explored.
We can see this patch on the early season here.
All plant grow so quickly here.
We can notice the progress during a week.

The picture above was the condition a week ago, and the picture below is the current condition.

They look grow so healthy, although the grasshoppers really enjoy make holes on so many leaves.
I guess the leaves are so tasty for them, of course for me too.

This was the green mustard patch a week ago, and the picture below is the patch today.

The green mustards, amaranths and kangkung are growing like crazy. 

The amaranth and kangkung patch was a fairly empty, but now looks fairly dense.
The amaranth is ready to be harvested.

The bitter gourd vines are starting climb here and there.
So lovely...

I think I should do thinning on the amaranth patch, so they will grow much better.

I have picked some green mustard once.

The existing green mustard is on flowering stage right now.

The yellow flowers are so beautiful.
Lovely patch...

Sunday, July 26, 2015


This is my 'Cabe Ceremai' on the new place.
Yes, I moved this plant from my eastern balcony about three weeks ago.
Now, this ornamental chili is growing better on my backyard.
I put it on the top of the vertical rack that full of herbs.

Some over ripening fruits have fallen.

We also can see some self seedling chilies under the plant.
I think they come from fallen fruits.
Ahh... I have some seedling for free.

Lots of flowers hanging on the twigs.

They are hidden among the wide leaves.
The leaves look greener and more fresh here.
I hope this plant will grow much better.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


This is my southern raised bed today.
Looks greener than before.
The green bean's vines have already reach the top of the stake.
The canna have already finished its blossom.
The cabbages are forming their heads, I can find the tiny heads inside.

This is the bed from another sight.

Row of mustard greens under the green bean stake looks so healthy.

The red long chili peppers are ready to be picked.
They are hidden...

The amaranth grow jostle and We have harvested some for soup several days ago.
I must share the amaranth with the grasshopper.
Oh... please...

We also harvested some green onion frequently.
The little pumpkin have germinated on the corner of this bed.
Hope no bugs anymore.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


What a surprise...
After this plant have been neglected for several months, it give me a lovely sight.
Some little fruits on my little sawo plant are popping up from the end of the branches.

I have had so hopeless after three flowering season, this plant had never left me any fruits, all flowers have fallen down on to the ground.
You can see the last flowering season here.

Actually this plant ideally can produce both of flower and fruit all year round.
But on the mature plant, it must be a peak fruiting season.
This should be the third fruiting season of this plant since I've been growing it on my own garden a couple of years ago.
The didn't care about the third flowering season, that give me some little fruits.
So, I don't remember when it was happened.
I don't know how many time I have forgot to watering this plant, I don't know how many time it got drought.
it might be the drought have stimulated flowering and then fruiting.
But look... the neglected plant is showing me a new hope.
I like it!

I have already noticed, I'm finding five little fruits.
Yeah... just a few amount of fruit, but nothing.
I can't wait to see them grow, become bigger and the ripen.

I wish the taste will so great as common sawo.
I hope no bugs and I can pick the sweet ripen fruits from this plant.
Reader, what is the special fruit from your own garden this week.


Last week we visited our granny on the village.
A little house on the rice field.
yea... our Granny lives alone here for several years after her husband passed away.
We can see about this place last year here.

This was her little house...

Her house was surrounded by 'sawah' or rice field.
We can find so many stage of rice plant here.
The picture above was about two weeks after planting.

A stream lays along side by side with a path way on the way to her house.

This natural stream has a very clear water.
So lovely...

On the edge of the path way, we can find so many edible plants, such as corn, cassava and edible alocasia.

The green rice plants like as a green carpet.

These edible weeds were blooming on her garden.

Cassava patch on the corner of her garden.

A beautiful pond in front of her house which a clear spring water on it.
Lots of fishes were playing here and there.

A patch of edible root plants.
There were a kind of colocasia and cassava as source of carbohydrate.
And the foliage could be as source of greens.

A flowering hedge...
A row of sleepy hibiscus (Malvaviscus arboreus) look so beautiful with abundant flowers.
We would love to suck the 'honey'.

Kenci (water cress), kangkung air (water spinach), padi (rice) and alocasia, grow naturally on the little spring near her house.
Cool weather, so nice...
So natural...
So peaceful...
We love it!