Thursday, July 9, 2015


Last Saturday, plants that I've ordered were arrived.
I ordered so many plants from online nursery. 
This was for the first time I purchased from that nursery, that's a new online nursery.
I was really interested to the plants that on sale.
So various and lot of plants are new for me, mostly from sub tropical area.

It's also a trial for me on growing subtropical plants on my garden.
I ordered four varieties of iris, rosemary, reddish pink Hydrangea, fuchsia and red flowered Ephypillum.
All plant that I often see on my blogging friends.

Three days on shipping made the plants looked so tired.
Then I put all plants in watered pail to refresh them.
Purchasing plant by online nursery had so many risks, especially damage during the shipping and not all of nursery was reliable.

I was so busy this week, so couldn't grow these plants soon.
But now, all have already planted, and I hope they will grow so well on my garden.
Be healthy and be happy on my garden...


  1. Dear Endah, yikes, these poor plants have suffered quite a bit through the shipping! Hope they come around after you have planted them in your garden and give them loving care. So far I only have ordered rose bands online and they always have arrived in good condition at our house. I am tempted to order other plants online as well though, since the selection of plants that is available is so much bigger than if you buy just locally at the nurseries.
    Warm regards,

    1. Yes, that's right , Christina. Poor plants. You're so lucky. Actually, I prefer to buy plant on the 'real' nursery that we can make a real choice. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Look like the plant have travel from far! Hope they grow well in new location! ;)

  3. I hope they do well for you, buying plants online can be tricky as you can't see your selections in real life but on the whole I've always received good service. x

  4. I hope that your plants thrive. It is always a risk buying from a new nursery online.

  5. All interested in what you show and what you write. Thank you that I can get to know your world :))

  6. It's always a bit of a gamble when ordering plants online, especially from a new company. I hope they grow well for you.