Friday, July 10, 2015


I've posted about a small piece of my northern side backyard with the existing unused stove on it.
You can see the late condition here.

I make a new raised bed a the corner in order to optimize the space.
We can find a compost bin here that full of organic material.
I grow some greenery there, such as kangkung, green mustard, long yard bean and green onion.
I put a vertical rack in front of the stove.
That rack is full of herbs.
There are thai-basil, basil, rosemary, celery, mint, garlic chives and a pot of ornamental pepper on the top of he rack.

I also put additional patch for long yard bean with A stake to climb these bean vines.
This space is actually an eaves area, so this space is only used during the dry season with no rain falls. 
Under the A stake, I still have space to put my new irises.

I hope this new look is much better, and these patch will do well.
Sorry the pictures are not so clear, cause I took these pictures in the afternoon.
For all of my friend, happy gardening...