Thursday, July 23, 2015


Last week we visited our granny on the village.
A little house on the rice field.
yea... our Granny lives alone here for several years after her husband passed away.
We can see about this place last year here.

This was her little house...

Her house was surrounded by 'sawah' or rice field.
We can find so many stage of rice plant here.
The picture above was about two weeks after planting.

A stream lays along side by side with a path way on the way to her house.

This natural stream has a very clear water.
So lovely...

On the edge of the path way, we can find so many edible plants, such as corn, cassava and edible alocasia.

The green rice plants like as a green carpet.

These edible weeds were blooming on her garden.

Cassava patch on the corner of her garden.

A beautiful pond in front of her house which a clear spring water on it.
Lots of fishes were playing here and there.

A patch of edible root plants.
There were a kind of colocasia and cassava as source of carbohydrate.
And the foliage could be as source of greens.

A flowering hedge...
A row of sleepy hibiscus (Malvaviscus arboreus) look so beautiful with abundant flowers.
We would love to suck the 'honey'.

Kenci (water cress), kangkung air (water spinach), padi (rice) and alocasia, grow naturally on the little spring near her house.
Cool weather, so nice...
So natural...
So peaceful...
We love it!


  1. What a lovely place to live, and surrounded by so many different plants.

  2. Your granny lives in very nice place, Endah. And it's wonderful that she can do herself living alone.

  3. What a lovely place it is! Must be a wonderful place to visit Endah!

  4. A beautiful and quiet place to live amidst the rice fields.
    I visited Java more than 30 years ago with a group of Dutch farmers and I was amazed by the beauty of the wild flowers and the different stages of the rice fields. Loved it very much.

    1. Wow... that was a very long time ago. I think lots of things have changed.

  5. lovely place, although my first thought when I see all that water is-mosquitoes!!
    Are there lots of mosquitoes there?

    1. Yes, there lots of mosquitoes but only outside on the evening.

  6. It is all so beautiful! We have that weed as well, it comes up all over; I had no idea it is edible.

  7. What a lovely place you...so glad she is able to live alone. Does your country have a lot of bugs. In the very south of the U.S. they have a lot of bugs.

  8. This is an amazing place and garden! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Thank you for your valuable knowledge. Rice field is amazing. Garden gorgeous :)