Wednesday, July 15, 2015


My garden is still on the beginning of the new growing season after I reloaded some beds also containers.
Only a few harvest that I got this week.
But that's enough to provide fresh vegetable for our family.

There were green cabbage leaves, huge green mustard, tomatoes and globular eggplants.

I picked tomatoes almost everyday.

The only one survivor from green globular eggplant patch was starting its fruiting time after several months 'paused'. 
As a perennial, it should be fruiting all year round, but I did hard pruning after the thrips attack.
Now the new shoots have already produced fruits, although the productivity haven't optimum yet.

We picked garlic chives almost everyday to make traditional snack.

This week we picked amaranths twice, both of green and striped amaranths.
My son is really love amaranth soup.
We also picked lots of sweet basil this week to make fish dishes.
Two lemons that we've picked this week.
Not too much but we love it.
We're so blessed...
How about your harvest this week friend?


  1. I have lots of tomatoes right now. I had to pull all my squash though due to vine borers. Very sad.

    1. How lovely, Lisa! But I'm so sorry about your squash. I started growing squash two weeks ago, I hope they will grow well.

  2. Looks like a pretty good harvest to me. Happy cooking!

  3. Looks like a pretty good harvest to me. Happy cooking!

  4. Your tomatoes are the most beautiful! I love this fruit a lot. In fact today I am going to cook a soup using them. If I have a garden like yours, I would be most happy... no need to buy tomatoes anymore! Have a good Raya holiday :-)

  5. We are being kept busy picking fruit

    1. yes, I see. Your are having a great harvest right now.

  6. Amaranth soup sounds good. I've got some amaranth started in the garden and hope to have a big bunch of it soon. I'll have to remember to make some soup.