Thursday, July 23, 2015


What a surprise...
After this plant have been neglected for several months, it give me a lovely sight.
Some little fruits on my little sawo plant are popping up from the end of the branches.

I have had so hopeless after three flowering season, this plant had never left me any fruits, all flowers have fallen down on to the ground.
You can see the last flowering season here.

Actually this plant ideally can produce both of flower and fruit all year round.
But on the mature plant, it must be a peak fruiting season.
This should be the third fruiting season of this plant since I've been growing it on my own garden a couple of years ago.
The didn't care about the third flowering season, that give me some little fruits.
So, I don't remember when it was happened.
I don't know how many time I have forgot to watering this plant, I don't know how many time it got drought.
it might be the drought have stimulated flowering and then fruiting.
But look... the neglected plant is showing me a new hope.
I like it!

I have already noticed, I'm finding five little fruits.
Yeah... just a few amount of fruit, but nothing.
I can't wait to see them grow, become bigger and the ripen.

I wish the taste will so great as common sawo.
I hope no bugs and I can pick the sweet ripen fruits from this plant.
Reader, what is the special fruit from your own garden this week.


  1. Our special fruit this week were figs

    1. Oh please, my fig is still so young, it needs time to taste it.

  2. Endah,
    Another interesting fact about you.