Sunday, July 5, 2015


After neglected for several month, this part should be obtained.
On this part, the soil is good enough, lot of organic material, porous and also well drainage.
Too bad to let this part is 'empty'.

Actually this is an additional raised bed that we made last year.
This part was a path way before, than we made a raised bed on the edge of the path way.
I planted green bean, hyacinth bean, long pepper and broccoli at the first time.
After that I didn't plant anything here.
All that grown here were self grown plants from the self sowing.

Last week, I started to tidy up this part.
Weeding was the first job, than digging.
I made the bed clean, pulled out all the plants and weed, except an amaranth and a green mustard that grow so well here.

Than I planted green mustard, green onion, kangkung, pare (bitter gourd) and edible cosmos.

The existing green mustard is growing so healthy, after the grasshopper made holes on the leaves.

New rows of green onion and green mustard.

The bitter gourd seedling is growing so happy here.
I hope this dry season will be so friendly, so my garden will do well.
I wish...


  1. That mustard green looks great! My bitter gourds have not come up at all - the seeds must have been bad - but my orange cosmos are starting to grow well!

    1. Sounds so interesting! I'm not having orange cosmos right now.

  2. You did a great work Endah, well done!
    I like the raised bed and have 6 of them, where I grow tomatoes cucumbers and greenery.