Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We like fish dishes...
Rich on great nutrients for our body health.

Last Sunday, we made a traditional dish that made from fish.
We call it 'pepes ikan'.

We can made 'pepes' from so many stuff, such as fish, tofu, chicken, or egg.
The basic technique on making 'pepes' is wrapping, then  steaming. 
The additional process is grilling, this process makes the dish more tasty.
Actually, we usually use banana leaves as a wrap.

But I use 'daun kecombrang' or torch ginger leaves as wrap, then tied.
This leaves is more than as wrap, but also reduce bad smell of the fish and also increase the flavor.
The leaves are aromatic.

I use traditional spices such as red onion, garlic, and coriander seeds, then pounded.

I also use tamarind, salt, coconut sugar (brown sugar) and to the get a good taste.
Adding soy sauce will make the taste better.

I put the raw wrapped fish on the pan, than add 1 liter water, after that boil it on the medium heat for about one hour.
Then grill it to get better flavor.
I use non sticky pan to grill the wrapped fish.

And the dish is ready to be served.
As a condiment I use 'sambal kecap' or spicy soy sauce.
I made it from soy sauce, chopped hot chilies and sliced red onion.

A simple dish...
A traditional healthy food.


  1. A delicious dish. My family also likes to fish. Your dish very imaginatively prepared. Best wishes :)

  2. Your dish looks delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Best wishes.

  3. Looks delicious, what does it taste like? Sweet and hot or salty?

  4. Oh my that is difference...how does it taste?

  5. Yum! Sweet sour spicy... Love to try one day :-P

  6. This is new recipe for me. Look delicious too! How is your baby doing?