Monday, July 13, 2015


After long time I did 'irises hunting', finally I found an online nursery that sold irises.
I was so interested, so I ordered it soon.
I ordered four varieties; white, yellow, light blue and blue flowered iris.
Three days later, the irises were arriving.
I was so happy...
But I couldn't planted them soon.
I found a flower bud in a clump.
And now it's blooming...

This is my first 'real iris'.
I have a kind of yellow iris on my garden before but it's different from the' ordinary iris'.
You can see my yellow iris here.

I can stop to notice this beautiful flower.
As a new plant for me, it's really interesting.
I think it's the light blue variety, what a shame the nursery didn't give name tag on each plant.

I hope the next flowers will bloom continues.
Readers, please share me how to grow iris well.
Thank you for sharing.


  1. It's so pretty, I love irises. I have a yellow variety in my pond and I have tiny iris reticulata which flower in spring.

    1. Oh, I have never known about tiny iris. Sounds so interesting!

  2. Irises are so pretty. I keep saying I will plant some, but never seem to get around to it.

  3. If it is a bearded iris growing from a tuber- the tuber needs to be exposed on the surface of the soil

  4. It's very pretty. I have a couple of them in my garden x

  5. Very pretty! There are many different types of iris. I would ask the nursery you bought it from for the Latin name so you can look up what kind of growing conditions it likes. I think it will want moist soil.

    1. Thank you for your advice. An interesting lesson.