Monday, July 6, 2015


This was my northern corner of my backyard five years ago.
When our home garden was still on reconstruction period.
There was an out door stove there.

This was the corner of my back yard several days ago.
There's no out door kitchen anymore.
Last rainy season the kitchen roof have collapsed after the downpour.
We have cleaned this area.
But we can see the permanent stove still stay there, although it's have already broken and unused.

I think, I will have more space for gardening.
Just tiny space, but no problem.
A great thing could be came from a simple thing.

Now, I'm focusing on this stove.
This is a permanent stove, actually a ruin of stove that I couldn't move it.
I think it's better to put something here than 'demolish' and remove it.

I have some unused pans.
So... they could be interesting container for my mint.
And it's also matched with this part.
It looks like we cook something here...

I'm cooking mint on stove right now...
Will you taste it...


  1. Very unusual containers Endah but I think they go well to your 'cooking'. I love mint and grow it in many spots where other plants can't grow.

    1. Yes, Nadezda, mint is a lovely plant both of its growth and smell, also its benefit too.