Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This is a neglected fruity pot plant.
Yes, my star fruit tree.

Several months ago, my western back yard was so messy, full of plants, so I put the fruity pot plant on the empty space which was available at that time.
Some fruit plants grew so lush during the rainy season, but no fruits.
When the rainy season have gone, lot of bugs visited my garden.
Some plants were attacked by the weird bugs.
I found four yellow hairy caterpillar on this star fruit plant.
They ate the leaves, so I did pruning to recover this plant.

Look... my little star fruit tree today...

Lots of fresh new shoots...

Flower buds...

And also the blossom...

I think the black ants will help the pollination.
Hoping lot of fruits will be formed.
I wish...


  1. It must be very resilient little plant.

  2. The pruning did the job, I hope you get lots of fruit.

  3. Sometimes pruning encourage new growth and is vital to get flowering - I would be lost without being able to read about how to care for my plants online as there are so many different plants with so many different requirements.
    I am sure you will find information about this online if you know its full name, perhaps this is how you should do it every year or perhaps the flowering would have happened anyway :-)

  4. Hopefully, it will be covered with fruit soon! The pruning was probably just what it needed. :o)

    1. Yes, hopefully. I have been waiting for a long time to get the fruit.

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