Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Last Saturday we were so busy.
We use to gather on Saturday as a free day for some of our community gardener's members.
Actually, most of our members are house wife and granny, that have more time to do gardening.

After we got the grant from the local government, we prepared the distribution schedule.
Some of the materials need to be distributed soon, such as papaya seedlings and guava plants. 
We live on urban area that most of us only have limited land.
Gardening on our neighborhood is lot of challenges.
That the reason why we were so confuse on distributing the guava plant and papaya seedling, cause they will grow to be  big tree forward.
While most of us don't have space to grow that, and the plants that we got were too much for us.

One by one the seedlings were distributed, although right now there are still remaining.
One problem were solved, and last Saturday we gathered to make little package of the vegetables seeds and plastic bag to be distributed to all of our members.

The small packages of seeds were ready to be distributed.
Each member would get eight different kinds of vegetable's seeds, consist of purple eggplant, long yard bean, bitter gourd, hot chili, caisin, tomato, green amaranth and kangkung.
We couldn't wait to sow the seeds on our 'garden'.
Garden for us is every space that we can grow on.
Should not be a wide land...
Happy gardening for all...