Thursday, June 11, 2015


When I was checking my back yard several days ago, I surprised... 
I found a bunch of beautiful canna on the western raised bed.

Maybe you still remember  with my poor canna.
Now, the clump is bearing the second stalk with a bunch of flowers on it.

But the last rain made the flowers on the second stalk were fallen.

We can find two ripen fruits on the first stalk.
Actually, the first stalk produced three bunches of canna flowers several times ago.
Not all of the flower set the fruit.
We can see from the picture above.

Look the slim flower buds remain...

Some young fruit have formed.
So unique...
I hope the second stalk will produce more flowers and cheering my back yard.


  1. Some insect or 4-footer has been eating the leaves on my cannas. I can't seem to find the little devil! Any ideas what it could be? Your plants look really good! Hope all is well with your sweet baby. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Thank you, Linda! I have no idea about that. I have never seen bugs on at my canna clump.

  2. Palavras gentis são um favo de mel, doçura para a alma
    e saúde para o corpo.(Pr 16,24)
    Amo passear pelo seu jardim junto com você e admirar as surpresas!!!

    Beijo grande, Marie.

  3. Cannas do have beautiful flowers! Hope you have more fruits! ;)