Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is a very fresh morning.
Last two days we have rainy day.
Since the dry season have begun at the early May, that was the first rain.
That was really refreshing our garden.
This morning I'm finding a very fresh fragrance in my living room.
It comes from my little front yard.

Yes, a special fragrance from one day blooming orchid, white Dove orchid.
This is the fourth bloom this year.
Although the bloom is not too much as usual.

Side by side to the white Dove orchid, I find a fresh mint aroma from my Gloxinia, that start blooming this year.

In front of garage I find refreshing aroma from calamondine or acid orange flowers (Citrofortunella sp).
The flower buds and blooms look so promising after I did pruning several weeks ago.

From the gate side the aroma of lemon flowers is so relaxing.
The white flowers and fruits are bearing on the end of the branches.

From another part, beside the garden benches, the aroma of Cananga odorata is so nice.
Peoples say that it's heavenly aroma.
But I'm not sure about that.

As long as I know that this flower is usually used as aromatherapy to lower the high blood pressure and to treat head ache.

On the corner of the west side, I find lot of little white flowers from Srigading shrub, that spread a very nice fragrance along the night.

From the same part, I find some pink Plumeria flowers that fallen on to the ground, and they are still giving me a nice smell.
Finally, I collect some fallen flowers, just for 'take' the aroma remain.