Sunday, June 14, 2015


This dry season is time to get blooming.
Yes... Plumeria needs dry and hot weather to stimulate the blooming.

Look... I find a bunch of pink plumeria!

The leaves are so dense, so many plants on this part.
So... I didn't know that my Kamboja or Plumeria is blooming.

Then I go to eastern balcony, and I can see the Plumeria tree better from the up side.

Looks so beautiful!

From the other side there are three bunches of plumeria.

I found lots of fallen Plumeria but didn't see the flower bunches.
Very dense leaves, and I think the flower want to reach the sky to touch the sun

Just take the 'fallen beauty'...


  1. I love the wonderful flowers op the Plumeria tree, have seen them when we were on holidays in the tropics. But no chance I can grow them here.

    1. I love plumeria, both of the flower and the fragrance. Yeah, as a tropical plant, it's not easy to grow it on your climate.

  2. Very pretty! I am hoping my little plumeria sapling will bloom some day soon, too.

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping so. I want to see yours too.