Friday, June 26, 2015


Yesterday, my husband bought a tied of pineapples from a road side.
During the dry season, we can find lots of pineapples are sold on the market or road side.

This is a local variety, we call it 'nanas madu'.
Nanas means pineapple, and madu means honey.

Although the size is very very small, but it has a great taste.

I think we can guess he taste from its name.

The taste is so sweet, and the flesh is so juicy.

I want to grow this variety on  my garden, so I should take the shoots and grow it soon.

Reader, what is your special fruit this week?


  1. That is fantastic!!! We have peaches coming in soon!!! Can't wait to see this one in your garden friend! Nicole

  2. We have lots of durians by the road sides! They come in various varieties. All really sweet and yummy :-) Btw we have this kind of pineapple here too. They taste better, smoother in texture and sweeter than what we used to have.

    1. Here, lots of durian by the road side too. But I don't like durian, the aroma is too strong for me.