Thursday, June 11, 2015


Finding ripen Canna fruit made me so interested to explore it more.
Actually, I have never known that Canna will produce fertile seed to be grown, but when some blogging friend share about growing Canna using the seed, I was interested to try to grow canna seed.

I'm lucky that I can find two ripen canna fruits from my back yard.

Then I picked the fruits and removed the rind.

I find some black seeds inside.
It looks like black soybean.

I get nine seeds from the two ripen fruits.
These seeds are ready to be sowed.
It's a new experience, here we usually grow the canna rhizome or young plant, but not the seed.
It's so interesting...


  1. wow, this is interesting endah, i have a few glorious red canna by the road planted by the municipal council, i think i should collect the seed and try sowing some for my garden, please share some updates on your seed sowing..


    1. Thank you, Wanie. Actually, as a lazy gardener, I prefer to grow canna by separating the clump. It's much easier. I think growing canna by the seed need long time, but I think it's so interesting.

  2. They should come up nicely with lots of heat and moisture, which I am sure is not an issue in your part of the world. Just be patient; maybe it is because the seeds have such a hard coat, but they can take several months to germinate, and not all the seeds will probably germinate at the same time. However, once they have germinated they grow rapidly. Even here in our decidedly non-tropical climate I get the first flours only three or four months after the first little shoot appears.

    1. oh, thank you for sharing your experience. I have never thought that the germination period is so long. I think I have to be so patient ....:(

  3. Assalam Endah.. sudah sihat ya... babynya ok kah? Canna kuning saya diserang serangga putih... harap2 berbunga dan bisa memperolehi benih seperti canna Endah.

    1. wa'alaikum salam Kak Mar. alhamdulillah kami semua sudah sehat. Canna merah dan kuning saya pun mati diserang kutu putih, berharap bisa mendapatkan bibit baru untuk ditanam.