Thursday, June 18, 2015


Ahh... I couldn't remember when the latest time I made a posting about progress of my terrace garden.
It must be so long...
Here they are the appearance right now...

The eastern side is looked so bare.
There are only green mustard, Thai basil, and kale.
The vertical rack is still stand on with some empty pots on it. 
Oh ya... there's a pot of Tapak Dara or periwinkle that cheering this part.
During this dry season, the flowers bloom here and there.

On the western side, the gutters are full of veggies.

Only a gutter that looked 'empty', but actually there are lot of Chinese cabbage seedling on it.
The gutter below is full of green mustard and colorful amaranths that grow itself by self-seedling.

The green amaranths are ready to be harvesting.
They are so fresh and healthy, free from bugs.

There are three variety that grow so healthy like as weed.

On  the southern side, there are lot of empty pots ready for new growing season that full of weed.
The cabbages grow so healthy.
Lot of green amaranth here.

The worst part is northern side.
Weed is covering every pot there.
Look... the tomatoes are collapsed, they need support and I should move them into a brighter place that has more sunshine.

The only one survivor from the eggplant patch.
I have to compete with the weed to survive.
But I'm so happy that there's a first flower is hanging on the end of the stem.

I have to do weeding soon, before the veggies become worse and worse.
Readers, Are your garden doing well right now?


  1. Beautiful garden...how peaceful it looks. My garden is needing weeding. The spring rains make the grass grow quickly. I am laying down cardboard boxes around the watermelon to help with the weed control. Have a amazing day in your beautiful country dear friend.

    1. you have a great idea, Teresa. I think I can try it on my raised bed. It will really help me to control the weed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your cabbages look fantastic!

    I have been weeding every single day. It is my least favorite part of gardening. Right now I've got turnips and peas going. I had lettuce and spinach, but it's starting to bolt. I should have yellow cherry tomatoes in a week. And of course lots of other things in progress. Last night I planted some new (to us) seeds - cushaw squash and ground cherries and cowpeas. I'm excited to see if they do well.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Your garden sounds doing so well. What a shame, nothing new on my garden. I'm so busy with my little one, so just a limited time to do gardening chores.

  3. Your garden looks and so wonderful. I am surprised that you have so many plants. That's a lot of work. My garden is doing well now, because in Poland it rains now the rain and it is quite warm. Plants like that. Greetings.

    1. Thank you, Monika. I hope you have a great weather to do outdoors activities and take lot of great pictures. Have a wonderful week.

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  5. Lots of lovely greens, even if you think parts of the terrace plantings could be doing better.

    1. We love greens, so we grow lots of greens on our garden. I think it's much better

  6. Endah,
    thank you very much for remembering.
    In you, as usual, plenty of plants.
    They look beautiful.
    Greetings from Polish.

    1. I'm so sorry, Lucia. I will always remember you. I didn't do blog walking and visiting your blog for several weeks, cause I've been so busy and the internet connection is so bad. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I think your garden looks full and wonderful! There is so much happening in your space! And I love your creative planting solutions in your space! We are getting so much water these days that I fear that all of my veggies are becoming water logged! Wishing you good times in the garden this weekend! Happy growing! Nicole xo

    1. Oh please... my garden is full of weed... ;). My garden become dryer and needs more water, cause we have no rain for several week. I hope you have a wonderful week on your garden, Nicole.

  8. Sealamt berpuasa Endah....sudah sampai masa untuk berkebun semula ya...