Monday, July 27, 2015


This is a lovely patch to be explored.
We can see this patch on the early season here.
All plant grow so quickly here.
We can notice the progress during a week.

The picture above was the condition a week ago, and the picture below is the current condition.

They look grow so healthy, although the grasshoppers really enjoy make holes on so many leaves.
I guess the leaves are so tasty for them, of course for me too.

This was the green mustard patch a week ago, and the picture below is the patch today.

The green mustards, amaranths and kangkung are growing like crazy. 

The amaranth and kangkung patch was a fairly empty, but now looks fairly dense.
The amaranth is ready to be harvested.

The bitter gourd vines are starting climb here and there.
So lovely...

I think I should do thinning on the amaranth patch, so they will grow much better.

I have picked some green mustard once.

The existing green mustard is on flowering stage right now.

The yellow flowers are so beautiful.
Lovely patch...


  1. Replies
    1. No, it's just plain and a little bit sweet when it's still young and tender.

  2. That's very producing patch! I prefer to eat vegetable eaten by grasshopper that sprayed pesticides! ;)

  3. Great to have your plants. With us there is a proverb: "growing like a weed" :))