Friday, July 31, 2015


This raised bed is full of self sown seedlings.
We can find so many vegetables here.
There are four varieties of amaranths, chili pepper, tomato, passion fruit, pigeon pea and also edible weeds.
They grow so lush like weed.

Almost everyday I do thinning the amaranths and then cook it, that's better than wasted I think.
The most interesting is pigeon pea, cause I haven't had pigeon pea seed anymore for the next growing season.

Aha... I'm finding two pigeon pea seedlings here.
Looks so healthy...
I think I should move the seedling on to suitable place, cause they will grow bigger like as little tree.
If I let them grow here, they will take over this patch, I mean they will make shade on this raised bed.

Actually, too much shady area on my garden, and it's not so productive for growing edible plant.
I need lots of open area and optimizing all of open area to make my garden productive.
I have to move them soon, cause if they grow bigger, it will be too much risk on moving plant.
I hope I have time to move them soon...
And they will grow healthy on their new place.


  1. I'm always surprised to hear that you can eat Amaranth, we grow them here as ornamental annuals.

    1. Amaranth, especially green amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor) is a popuar greens vegetable here. We can find it almost every where.

  2. Nice! I often find the self-sown seedlings do better than the ones we carefully raise ourselves with much care and attention, so it should definitely be worth keeping them!

    1. Yes, the self-sown seedlings usually much stronger.

  3. But now you have plants all ready to go and you don't have to buy them or start them from seed. They've done the work for you. :o)