Monday, September 14, 2015


Something that made me so happy this morning was the progress of my pumpkin vine.

I'm growing some pumpkins on my backyard this season.
I think I've sown too much pumpkin seeds on my tiny garden, but it's much better than the seeds are wasted.
Actually these seeds are expired on October 2015, just a limit time to grow and get benefit from these seeds.
This is the pumpkin vine that I've sown on the middle of July. 
I put the seeds on the edge of the raised bed.

I train it vertically to save the space.
I don't know how many time this vine have destroyed by wild cat that visited my garden.
The shoots have broken for several times, I have no hope at the first, but it grows so lush later.

And right now, it's showing me the blossom the first male flowers.
This is 'Rocky' pumpkin.
It's not a perfect vine, of course...
Not just male flowers, I'm also finding female flower buds.

I find three female flower buds with little green ovary.

A new hope...
I hope they all with grow and develop healthy, so I can pick the healthy pumpkin from this vine next.


  1. That's very positive sign of the vine! All gardens have pest which is hard to be eliminated! I nevr have luck with pumpkin. They drop the fruit half way!

    1. yes, Malar. I hope the female flower will grow so healthy.

  2. wow endah.. mine is starting to produce some flower buds early this week. looking forward for your new update on this pumpkin.

  3. Looks great! Mine this year produced virtually no female flowers, and I have no idea why.

  4. Good luck, I've only managed the one pumpkin this year x

  5. They look good and I wish you some nice pumpkins. I have not sown pumpkins this year.

  6. It grows vertically?
    I pumpkins in his garden. They are large and very heavy and very delicious.
    Good luck in breeding.

    1. This is little pumpkin variety, Lucia. It grows vertically easily.