Sunday, March 22, 2015


Coleus is the first ornamental plant that I collected.
This beautiful foliage is really interested me.
I collected Coleus for the first time when I still on Junior High School, it was about 25 year ago. 
Me and two of my friends had the same interest to this lovely foliage.
We made a competition on collecting coleus.
Although we did competition, but we still share our collection.
A lovely competition...
What a shame, our collection attacked by white fly, and made serious damage.
So... we all had lost our collection.

When I got my first job on 2000, I spent a few of my money to accommodate my hobby on gardening.
The first thing on my mind was start a new collection of coleus.
I still lived with my parent, so I put my collection on the front yard.
That looked so lovely...

Look a my 'second' collection....
So pretty...
I really love it! 

These were just a few of my collection.
I forget how many variety that I have grown.
I'm sure it more than twenty five varieties.
But again... The white fly destroyed my collection.

Now, on my own home garden, I'm starting to collect coleus again.
I still have seven varieties.
I want to add more and more.
Hoping no white fly attack again.


  1. I love Coleus to cheer up my empty greenhouse in summer, I ordered again a packet of mixed Coleus seeds. You have a lovely collection.

    1. Thank you, Janneke. You're so lucky, I've never succeed on growing coleus from seed

  2. When I have grown coleus they only last for a year they are treated like annuals.

    1. Here, some varieties have grown as annual. Most of my coleus are grown from cutting.

  3. salam endah,
    its so nice n colorful, here we call it pokok ati-ati...

  4. Coleus are really colourful. But I have no luck on them. ;(