Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Our home garden is located on sloping contour.
The land around us is terraced.
I think it's not safe to let the the edge of the terrace without fence, too dangerous for us, especially for kids. cause the slope is too steep.

Look the western side of my front garden on 2011.
I just planted yellow iris on a row as hedge.
I think this plant was not strong enough as fence.

I grew some coleus and hydrangea as 'filler'.
A wild style garden... 

I didn't do something significant on this part, cause my home garden was under reconstruction.

When the reconstruction was over on 2012, we have a concrete wall to 'protect' our home garden.
The medium wall make my front garden looks narrower, cause our view become limited.
Some existing plants still grow well here, such as hydrangea and peach hibiscus.

A set of garden benches and table complete this part.
Just a place for tea time and enjoy the breeze.

Our humid warm climate make our front garden that full of perennial needs intensive maintenance.
The plants grow so fast, especially during the rainy season.
Actually, I prefer to a green hedge than a fence, even more wall.
So green, so cool, so fresh...
But somewhat less secure for our home garden.
Reader, what do you prefer to hedge, fence or wall?


  1. Your garden so green, calm and relaxing

  2. I loved seeing these photos of your garden

  3. How very lovely, although as you say, with your climate, you must never stop weeding.

    I am a hedge fan, because I like to encourage wildlife. Hedges aren't always the answer though and your concrete wall is gorgeous.

    1. Yes, never stop weeding and pruning. But hedge is always interesting and so natural.

  4. Oh wow, how beautiful. So peaceful , what a nice place to relax.

  5. Your garden shots here are stunning friend! WOW! I so enjoyed seeing the long shots of your space! It is just extraordinary!!! Everything that you have accomplished is amazing...the wall and the table fit so nicely in your garden!! Great work! Nicole xo

  6. Love your little garden. I have a little garden too and at a lost as what to do with it. You have given me some inspiration. Thnak you

    1. you're welcome. Thank you for coming and your nice comment.